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I want to take a second today to congratulate Trey and Jordy of obtaining their Level 2 CrossFit Trainer Certificates over the weekend! Good job men.

I also want to explain a little bit about what that means.

Level 1 – Has a Test. Minimum requirement to train people. Also the minimum requirement to become a CrossFit affiliate. This means you know what CrossFit is supposed to look like, and what it’s supposed to be about.

Level 2 – No Test. This is the certification that actually teaches you how to coach CrossFit. Why is this? The idea is that you would go try hard to practice your craft, develop some ideas, and then show up at the L2 with a million questions and readiness to learn. And that’s exactly what happens.

Level 3 Certified Trainer- Big Test. The level 3 is only a test. No class. You can think of this as a degree in CrossFit. There is also a requirement of 750 hours of actual coaching experience. There are currently 150 Level 3 Certified CrossFit Trainers in the world and 1 in Louisiana. I’m that guy.

I don’t say any of this to toot our horns but I felt that it was important for you guys to be proud of your boxes and understand that many of CF affiliates around do not even have a single Level 2 Trainer. We pride ourselves in not being satisfied with the minimum requirements, but even more in having stuff to teach you and help you in your goals.

The CFBB/CFSL Staff is currently comprised of:

7 Coaches with their L1 Certificate

5 of those have their L2 Certificates

1 of those has their L3 Certification

Between those coaches are also the following certifications:

CrossFit Kids
CrossFit Mobility
CrossFit Self Defense
CrossFit Gymnastics
CrossFit Strongman
CrossFit Weightlifting
CrossFit Advanced Weightlifting
CrossFit Endurance
CrossFit Scaling
USAW Level 1

and very soon

CrossFit Powerlifting
CrossFit Football
CrossFit Striking
CrossFit Advanced Gymnastics


25 January 2016

L-Sit (Find Max)

Score says reps but put seconds. To be RX you must put plates on the floor under your heels at same height as your hands.

Once you have gotten your max, continue until you’ve accumulated 3 minutes

Metcon, “CrossFit Games Open 12.1″

7-Minute AMRAP of:
Burpees to a 6” target

2k Row (Time)
Max Effort 2k Row



Coach Heidi slangin’ the 88lb kettlebell

Remember that our last class is cancelled tonight for the Lavergne wedding! Also, don’t forget to sign up for the Open so that you can be eligible for the Intramural DRAFT!!!


22 January 2016
Barbell Gymnastics
EMOM in 10

snatch pull + power snatch + hang squat snatch

Guys no more than 135lb
Girls no more than 95lb
For Time

30 Power Snatch 145/100
20 Overhead Squats
10 Squat Snatch
50 Cal Row


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Shout out to the On-Rampers that just finished up last week at CFBB!! Another Shout out to the On-Ramp crew that finished up last night at CFSL!!
Welcome to the Family! Be sure if you guys in class see a new face, introduce yourself, say whatsup, show them where the red bands are.
Back to work.
21 January 2016
10 Alternating Pistols
10 Russian KB swings (Heaviest that you can)
AMRAP in 5 minutes
30 Double unders
12 Alternating DB Snatches 45/25
Rest 5 minutes
Then AMRAP in 5 minutes
10 Box Jumps overs 24/20
10 Push Press Right arm DB 45/25
10 Push Press Left arm DB 45/25


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Ok guys, 2 things:

1) The last class at both boxes will be cancelled this Friday on account of the Lavergne’s wedding. That couple that got engaged right after a workout at CFBB:)

2) This year’s Open at CFBB will be more fun than ever before. Go to the ‘About’ tab then click ‘Upcoming Events’ for more details. Little teaser….we already have team Captains assigned:)

20 January 2016

Snatch Balance
Metcon, “WHAM-O”

For Time:
2 Rounds
50 L-Pullups
50 Situps

Wanna Be A Balla

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Foam Roll #fam

19 January 2016

Gymnastics Skill
10min of Handstand work


5 Rounds for time

20 Wall Balls 20/14
15 Ball Slams 20/14
10 Burpees over Ball