Paleo Challenge redo will be Friday.
You’ve been warned.
Today’s WoD, Isabel, is another CrossFit benchmark workout. Each of the 22 Girl Workouts are designed to test different energy systems, against a variety of functional movements, within certain time domains.
What does this mean? It means they are all their own kind of tough.
This Workout at the time, was probably written to be accomplished by “better” athletes around the 3-4 minute mark. But that was during the formative years. Now there’s guys like in this link. Doing it in 53 seconds. Go ahead watch it. It’s today’s workout. Rx’d. In 53 seconds.
Back to me.
The whole magic of CrossFit is Intensity. This means going as fast as YOU possibly can. If you do this, you will see amazing results it your body, your health, and your life/sport/work.
If you do it with the same intensity you used to do zumba, you will get zumba results (no offense Heidi B :), if you do it at your jazzercise pace, you’ll get jazzercise results, if you do it with the intensity you used to bring to Curves…..ok ok you get it.
The most difficult thing in the early CrossFit days was getting people to understand what intensity was.
That’s still difficult today.
So… light of that fact, today’s WoD will have some parameters designed to elicit the level of intensity required to produce the amazing results that CrossFit, done properly, is famous for.
Just remember, it’s only because we love you too much to let you accept anything less than your best from yourself.
25 April 2016
For Time: 30 Snatches, 135# / 95#
Guys, you may use 135, 115, or 95 ONLY.
Girls you may use 95, 75, or 55 ONLY.
***IF you go over 4 minutes before getting 30, you will drop to 75/45lb and redo it with a 3 Minute Cap.

GI Jane

Alright guys, deadlift day. The importance and utility of this movement cannot be overstated. The ability to maintain a stable midline throughout hip flexion and extension under load is pretty much the heart of functional movement.
Get this, and there aint much you can’t do.
To that end, if you lose midline stability as you lower to the bar, YOU ARE BROKEN. You need to be fixed. We will help fix you. But you are not allowed to pull from the ground. Your coach will help you find an appropriate height. It is your responsibility to remember what that is, so that we can continue to go lower as you develop some strength and flexibility.
The Metcon portion looks difficult, but believe it or not, it is one the absolute best workouts we do to work on gymnastic efficiency because it is one at a time.
Here is a great opportunity to dial in these movements and develop both upper body pulling strength and coordination.
The kipping pull-up is about using your major movers to accomplish work. Believe it or not, the majority of you are capable of kipping pull-ups. You just need to work on the timing and speed.
If you are one of our early arm pullers, slow the “F” down, wait for your hips to finish the work. You arms are literally there to just hang on when you kip, and to keep your chin from hitting the bar.
22 April 2016
Wendler Week 1
G.I. Jane
For Time:
100 Burpee Pullups
*Rx+ is 100 burpee C2B or 50 Burpee Muscle Ups (Ring or Bar)

Party In The Front


Midline Stability!!

Today’s Skills and WOD are all movements that require your belly to stay tight!

Think about it…

In a handstand, if you relax your midline (abs, glutes) your butt will hang out, your back will arch and it will be extremely uncomfortable to hold that position for very long.

During Double Unders, bouncing on the balls of your feet: if you are loose in your midline, you will not jump as efficiently. You will start hurting in your lower back and you’ll look like one of those wacky inflatable tube men you see at car dealerships. For jumping, it’s kind of automatic for you to squeeze tight, but try to keep it in mind today to stay tight during.

Ab mat sit-ups: you are constantly stabilizing your abs even in the eccentric motion of the movement to sit up and lay back down.

Front Squats: you really have to take that big breath in, if not that bar will really want to pull you forward and pull you into your toes and possibly cause you to drop the bar. Make sure we are breathing in at the top of every squat and staying tight in the middle on the descent and the drive back up to the top.

Back to work.


21 April 2016

-3 sets of Nose to Wall Handstand Hold for 20 seconds
-3 sets of regular handstand holds against the wall for 20 seconds

“Party in the Front”

3 Rounds for time

40 Double Unders
30 Ab Mat Situps
20 Front Squats 135/95

Rx Plus is
80 dubs
30 GHD’s
20 FS 185/135

*this WoD is intended to be a 10-15 min effort. Sometimes we scale you down to meet that parameter. Rx Plus is for scaling up, but is only effective if you can keep it within this parameter.

If you want to get consistently in the Rx Plus workouts, your first goal is regularly being in the top 3-4 of Rx’d. And as always FORM, TECHNIQUE, and MOBILITY determine scales and mods. Talk with your coach if you need help deciding what will most benefit you.

Snatch Fartlek

FullSizeRender 2
The Fartlek is a system of training for distance runners in which the terrain and pace are continually varied to eliminate boredom and enhance psychological aspects of conditioning.
Well we prefer our cardio with a little bit of cayenne.
Hence the Snatch Fartlek. Today we are training the ability to maintain form and technique at changing loads and heart rates.
We fail when we face challenges outside of our experience. This is why the CFBB/CFSL program is so comprehensive. Use this one for the development of the protective lower back muscles and that desirable neuroendocrine response that elevates natural chemicals like human growth hormone which is one our our bodies most potent fat burning and muscle building substances.
20 April 2016
Wendler Week 1 Press
Shoulder Press
5 @ 65%
5 @ 75%
5+ @ 85%
“Snatch Fartlek”
For Points:
3 minute Snatch 95/65
3 minute Snatch 135/95
3 Minute Snacth 95/65
3 Minute Snatch 135/95
3 Minute Snatch 185/115
*95/65 = 1 point
*135/95 = 2 points
*185/115 = 3 points

Steppin On Up

Classic CrossFit WoD’s are the best, they are guaranteed to push you and test your limits!
So as I was warming up the other day I realized how I am not as consistent as I’d like to be on double unders, and I felt like I hadn’t been doing enough extra core work in workouts. I got my rope, got my GHD shoes on (these aren’t a real thing) and I started practicing some double unders, sucked. Got on a GHD and felt like it had been forever, did a few sets. Next thing you know I was sweating and actually got some good practice in. Tricked myself into warming up, and I hate warming up. Even though I know if I don’t warmup properly and focus on it I will not do as well as I’d like in the WoD. I hate it, but I do it, I know I’m not the only one. Today there’s a few skills to get done and help you crush the WoD.
Step Overs are an awesome functional exercise that simulates so many things that we do in our daily activities that we don’t even realize. Carrying luggage, Groceries, trash, children. Preparing yourself for life is what we are all about.
Back to work.
19 April 2016
3 Rounds Not For time
12 GHD situps
20 Double unders
10 Perfect Overhead Squats with barbell or PVC
“Steppin On Up”
Wall Balls 20/14
Dumbell Box Step Overs 45/35 is weight, 24/20 is height for RX
**Ladies 9 ft with #14 ball is RX for today. Guys shoot to 10 ft with 20# for RX.
**No jumping up or down. Must be steps but you do not have to stand up tall on the box.