“You will not find the strength to succeed, achieve, conquer, or endure in the moments that require it.
You have to have already developed that shit ahead of time.”
Beautiful effort on a tough workout yesterday.
It’s hot and getting hotter, but the more consistent you come, the faster your body’s inside cooling mechanism will acclimatize.
Today’s strength work should be challenging. Repetitions should be executed as perfectly as possible. Do not rush through.
For the conditioning:
You will go through all three movements as a giant set.
:40 seconds of continuous work. Try to maintain your pace throughout the entirety of the WoD.
24 May 2016
1a) DB Split Squats:
3 x 8-10 ea. Rest 60s.
1b) Single Leg RDL:
3 x 8-10 ea. Rest 60s.
1c) Farmer Carry:
3 x 150 ft. Rest 60s.
4 Rounds for reps:
:40 work
:20 rest
Row calories
Double Unders
*score is reps
**go all the way through the whole round of movements 4 times


FullSizeRender 2
Last day of Murph Prep.
This has also been a great month of fundamentals work. Whenever you start to encounter plateaus or feel that your progress rates are stifled, 99% of the time it comes down to having lost something in the fundamentals.
If this is your year to do the Rx Version of Murph. I highly recommend wearing a vest today.
I also highly recommend COLD water by your side. For drinking. But more importantly for cooling your body down.
The vest eliminates the ventilation of the abdomen, back, and chest, two of the largest areas for you body to dispense heat.
The next most important are the head, neck, and groin area. (giggles)
Cold water on your head and neck PRIOR to overheating will help you regulate and maintain body temp.
23 May 2016
For time:
Run 800m
50 Pullups
100 Pushups
150 Squats
Run 800m
*Rx Plus is with 20/10 lb vest
*you may break up the work any way you like as long as you run first and last

Wild Horses

Little bit of a mental break today, little bit of a new stimulus. Little bit of a bro sesh.
Although I am Quite Confident that we are going to see some ladies really shine today.
Odd movements are absolutely essential to a well rounded fitness because:
1) They extend the margin of our experience, which decrease our propensity toward failure
2) They work us in an unfamiliar pattern and fire the hormones of health like testosterone and HGH
3) They are fun in that weird sort of CrossFit definition of fun
4) They even more closely resemble challenges and obstacles we face in work/life and sport
20 May 2016
Zercher Deadlift
Work up to a heavy triple
Reset for each one.
You must lower the bar back to the ground
Rx Plus requires the forward rol after each rep
Extra Credit
200 Banded Pull Throughs (Green/Red)

The 19th

FullSizeRender 2
The kipping toes to bar….
Really tough movement and they can really slow you down in a workout if you aren’t the greatest at stringing them together yet.
Couple things to help with that today to go along with the cues and tips you get from your coaches.
1) Initiate the kipping motion with your shoulders. The kip should be a tight control back and forth motion (Arch to Hollow). So if you are swinging like a kid on monkey bars, while super fun, it is tough to get back to back toes to bar. If you are swinging you may be trying to start the motion with your legs, think…chest forward and back and hold your core tight.
2) Pull the bar in front of you when tucking your knees up, make the distance between your toes and the bar as short as possible, so you have to get your shoulders and hips behind the bar when you kick up and not hang directly underneath the bar.
3) Pull your feet back down. The entire toes to bar movement you have to be engage. If you have to stop and re-start your kip after every toe to bar, you are most likely just letting your legs drop back down and relaxing your abs. Keep those puppies on and stay engaged in the kipping motion. Pull your legs back behind you as you go into your Arch.
Back to work.
19 May 2016
“The 19th”
5 Rounds for time
30 Double Unders
15 Toes to Bar
10 Burpees

Mutual Calamity

Today is a little endurance builder. While going “long” does not make you fitter, it is profitable for our bodies and our minds to be prepared for the demands of extended efforts.
You will be spending a long time today in the oxidative pathway. That’s the one that depends heavily on oxygen for energy. You have probably heard that this is the fat burning zone. The problem is that it is also the muscle wasting zone. If your workouts are normally in this zone you will waste away.
Looks great on the scale. Looks like shit in the mirror and performance. You can reduce these undesirable affects of longer duration Workouts but hammering your Progenex IMMEDIATELY after the workout.
Today you will learn a few things.
1) Your high intensity shorter duration WoDs have adequately prepared you for lower intensity longer ones (you just gotta slow down)
2) It’s getting warmer
3) You are stronger than you are tired
Hydrate or die!!
18 May 2016
“Mutual Calamity”
AMRAP in 40min
In teams of 2
Partner 1
Row 386 meters
Partner 2
AMRAP Thrusters 135/95
RX plus is 165/115
*thrusters only count while other partner is actively rowing.
**score is total thrusters