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Summer League details and registration can be found here:
All classes will be cancelled on Monday, July 4! We will program an at-home WOD.
Welcome Friends!
We usually talk about something really exercisey here.
Well today we will will skip the exercisey, but still talk about CrossFit.
While an essential focus of CrossFit is exercise and sound human mechanics, there is another less verbalized theme that CrossFit stands for that is equally important and that is the idea of community. The idea of Others.
We have witnessed first hand the power of Others in our gym. The power to push us past our limits, the power to get us to do things we didn’t think we were capable of, the power to check on us and hold us accountable to our goals. The power of Others is virtually limitless and you have done well to find a way to use that power to excel.
Today we have the opportunity to share what we have discovered with some other Others. Today YOU have the opportunity to motivate, encourage, and support those friends you have been begging to come see what CrossFit Breaux Bridge and CrossFit St. Landry is all about.
Today is about joy, and sharing that joy. Have Fun!!
Know When to Fold ‘Em (Time)
So here are the rules:
1. Each team will have 1 deck of cards
2. Hearts = Situps
Spades = KB Swings
Diamonds = Burpees
Clubs = Walking Lunges
3. Every number equals itself
4. Jacks = 11
Queens = 12
Kings = 13
Aces = 20
5. In teams of 2 flip a card. Split up work as necessary to complete the number of reps and movement indicated by the cards.
Rx Plus for you hard chargers who are
100% competent in these more advanced movements and want a little tougher challenge. (no scaling, all or nothing)
Hearts = TTB
Spades = KB Snatch (alternating)
Diamonds = HSPU
Clubs = DB Walking Lunges 45/35

Bring-A-Friend Day Sign-Up

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Summer League details and registration can be found here:
All classes will be cancelled on Monday, July 4! We will program an at-home WOD.
Our next Bring-A-Friend Day will be Thursday, June 30!
Occasionally we repeat WoD’s. Today is one of those occasions. Measure your score against your score from April 12th. This is designed so you can see if what you’re doing outside of the gym is getting you closer or further from your goals.
This is a low skill engine test so fitness is truly the test.
Focus on your trunk today. Maintaining abdominal activation throughout the wall ball. See if you can have a full tight belly at the bottom of each rep. Breathe in on the way down, contract against that air hard at the bottom, exhale as you move upwards and fire the glutes at the top.
For box jumps, especially you rebounders, it is also greatly beneficial to breath in as you are descending from the box and have a tight full belly when you hit the ground. Muscle elasticity and ground force reaction are the rebounders best friends. But there is a time component to taking advantage of these principles. You must land and jump almost simultaneously in order to get those benefits. The ground is lava!!
Precise, efficient, repetitive movement is today’s key.
5 Rnft
6 Bent Over Single Arm Kb row Right
6 Bent Over Single Arm Kb row Left
5 Non Rebounding Box Jumps (higher than the box you will use for the WoD
10 KB Russian Twists (same as chosen for rows)
All The Fitness (Time)
3 Rounds for time
25 Wall Balls 20/14
20 Box Jumps 24/20
15 Burpees



Our next Bring-A-Friend Day will be Thursday, June 30!
All classes will be cancelled on Monday, July 4! We will program an at-home WOD.
Summer League details and registration can be found here:
High fives all around on yesterday, unless you ripped. Then fist bumps.
Today we introduce a newish movement. Some of you have done these before but for most of you it will be your first time.
It will help to think of this movement as a Top Loaded Sumo Deadlift. The exercise is essentially the same except that you are pushing weight up rather than pulling it up.
If you have been around a while, you have realized that there are only so many human movements. Vertical press, Vertical pull, Horizontal Press, Horizontal Pull, Hip Hinge, Pelvic Tilt and Trunk Rotation sums up the majority. But it is the symphony created by the myriad combinations of these basic movements that is responsible for all of the beauty that is human physical achievement.
Combine a vertical press with a hip hinge, you’ve got a push press, or a handstand pushup (or opening the garage door).
Combine a vertical pull with a hip hinge, you’ve got a pull up (or getting over a fence or back into a boat).
Combine a vertical pull with trunk rotation and a hip hinge, you’ve got a DB snatch (or starting the weed eater or pulling your child from a flaming car).
Today’s movement is a hip hinge but expressly designed at increasing the flexibility of the hip and leg ADductors while targeting activation of the glutes and leg ABductors. Because we sit on our asses, we don’t know how to use them, and because we never open our hips, this is an area of excessive tightness. Compensation for these two problems are largely responsible for the majority of back pain and injury, knee pain and injury, foot pain and injury, and yes, neck pain and injury. Let’s fix it.
Hip Opener w/ Sumo Groin Mobilization
3 Rounds for perfection
10 Contralateral Deadbugs R
10 Contralateral Deadbugs L
10 Air box squats (real box, no weight)
– focus is compensatory acceleration or rate of vertical force production of the box. This movement is on squeezing explosion, NOT ROCKING, and your abs should be on lock.
Box Squat (10-8-6-4-2)
Same criteria as the Air box squat but with the bar. Place the bar mid trap with close hands, NOT on your neckbone.
You should be coming up so hard that the weights shake at the top.



Our next Bring-A-Friend Day will be Thursday, June 30!
A little check in with of our athletes currently on our Nutrition Program, Taylor Boudreaux.
When I decided to join this nutrition challenge, the first thought that came to mind was “oh man, I’m going to cheat when we are on vacation.” I’m not very good about self control when it comes to being on vacation. I mean I deserve a break right?
Well that’s the mentality I’ve had my entire life and look the results it’s gotten me.
I’ve honestly been dreading vacation. My family doesn’t understand what I’m trying to do. They think I can just eat whatever I want, as long as it’s in moderation. Plus they enjoy drinking. I’ve really been worried about how this week was going to pan out. I knew I wanted to stay true to the challenge but I wanted to enjoy a week on the beach.
Mrs Bambi and I talked and she challenged me to go all week without cheating, prove to myself that I’m worth it. I made a plan and I’ve stuck to it.
I decided I would make spaghetti squash bake since that’s simple and I could eat it for the week. I went grocery shopping on Saturday night when I got here so I would have plenty of snacking options. I made breakfast every morning, went to a crossfit box 2 days, and stayed moving while on the beach. I kept halo oranges, sunflower kernels, cucumbers, and sliced turkey breast readily available for me. I did eat drive thru after a 7 hour fishing trip. (I didn’t pack my food like I should have).
Overall this week, I learned I was able to enjoy the beach with my family, eat according to my goals and invest in myself. I didn’t miss out. I didn’t have a hangover and no one was offended that I didn’t eat their cooking. They actually embraced and respected my journey. I also learned self control, because after all, no one can do it for me. This is my journey.
Back Squat
15 Minutes to find
1 RM
Rod Stewart (Time)
For time:
75 pull-ups
Row 500 meters
75 push-ups
Row 500 meters
50 pull-ups
Row 500 meters
50 push-ups
Row 500 meters
25 pull-ups
Row 500 meters
25 push-ups
Row 500 meters
*if you are “deconditioned” scale this workout by either reducing reps or sharing the reps portion with a partner!
**if you cannot perform pullups consecutively, that needs to be your aim