Fridays are for winners.

If you’ve ever played a sport, and you’ve had some solid coaching, you have probably heard some phrase along the lines of, “It’s not how you start, but how you finish.”

I have seen people lose by pulling up at the finish line. I have watched people drop several places by sheering out the last three seconds of an open workout. I have seen teams lose a game they were otherwise dominating, in the fourth quarter. And I am currently witnessing someone close to me sherm out the end of their life.

Quitting is a habit.

Slacking is a habit.

Starting off strong but pulling up short is a habit.

If you’ve been coached by me, you have probably heard me tell you that you don’t get better until you hit that point where you feel like you can’t go anymore, and then you go some more. Everything up to that point was just to get you there.

Someone told me one time, “I didn’t come this far, to only get this far.”

I literally think about that at the end of every workout.

Friday is the end of the week. I would never name names and to be completely honest with you I don’t have a single person in mind while I’m writing this, except myself. But I know there are a lot of us who start off strong on Monday, but are missing by Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Mediocre is insufficient. Don’t be common. Finish strong.


Bar Muscle Ups
1 set max Bar Muscle Ups

If you don’t have BMU’s go to C2B, or Pullups. or ring rows. Don’t do all of them.
Chest to Bar
1 Max set of Chest to Bar
1 max set of Pull ups
Kimbo Slice (Time)
Fo’ Time


Hip/Back Extensions
Ring Dips

Rest 1 minute in the dashes, so after completing both movements of that set.

For Rx Plus you must Muscle Up into your sets of ring dips…..:)



Our next Bring-A-Friend Day will be Thursday, June 30!
Coach Alex’s Toes-to-Bar Movement Clinic is this Saturday 9-10am at CFBB! Sign up at …Open Gym at CFBB will be 10am-12pm

“While nearly all of our regular movements today are
bipedal, the value to survival, fitness, and combat of
climbing skills is critical and largely undeveloped even
in ‘elite’ athletes.”

-Glassman “Macroclimbing”

If you adhere to the theory of evolution, it is plain to see that we were once a primarily arboreal (tree-dwelling) species. Climbing branches and swinging from vines was a common means of locomotion.

Even if you do not adhere to the theory of evolution, it is not far-fetched to envision our ancestors to be very capable of this skill.

In our program we are very careful to balance our pushing and pulling training. While most exercise programs are “push” heavy, a good fitness program will maintain a large focus on pulling.

The first reason is because this is where most of us come in sorely lacking in strength and flexibility and so are imbalanced toward the front body pushing muscles. This imbalance is typically the underlying cause of many back, neck, and knee issues.

The second reason is that the demands of even a moderately active lifestyle include way more pulling than pushing. Many of life’s daily tasks involve picking things up, bringing objects to your body, and/or brining your body to something or UP to something. All of these exercises are “pulls.” Even a proper squat involves a large amount of pulling from the hamstrings and posterior muscles.

Don’t be scared of Rope Climbs today. We have some REALLY awesome ways to scale and progress you into this movement and we will never make you do anything you feel unsafe with. Many of you will actually climb the rope today. But the rest of you who show up, even if you don’t climb it yet, will start to understand that this movement is a skill and when done correctly relies more on technique and leg strength than anything else.

Rope Climb Primer
Monkey Business (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
AMRAP 20 w. a partner:

40 Double Unders
2 Rope Climbs (or 7 Strict Pull-ups)
20 DB Split Cleans 45/35 (alternating forward foot)


crossfit classes

Our next Bring-A-Friend Day will be Thursday, June 30!

Coach Alex’s Toes-to-Bar Movement Clinic is this Saturday 9-10am at CFBB! Sign up at …Open Gym at CFBB will be 10am-12pm

How’s about a lightish day.

Whether you are sore yet or not, if you worked heavy on those deads yesterday, your neurological system is likely a bit drained.

Most of you have not trained heavy and hard for a long enough period of time to have experienced true CNS (central nervous system) fatigue. It is a dark place that occurs from a combination of overtraining and insufficient recovery.

However, you do experience it to a lesser degree when you lift heavy, repeatedly. Nutrition will help neural recovery, especially greens and other veggies. But the bodies most important need after CNS taxation is sleep.

All of you guys who are actively altering your nutrition and other aspects of your lifestyle in favor of bettering your performance, you may all consider yourself elite athletes compared to like 95% of the population. Since you’re in that club, I can start giving you some club secrets….

One of the ways that elite athletes monitor for potential under-recovery is by taking their temperature and heart rate every morning upon waking. You’ll need to get a good two weeks as a baseline, but any sudden elevations in these measurements, especially after a particularly rough few days can be indicative of under recovery.

Try it out!


Heightened Senses (1 Rounds for weight)
EMOM in 18

Odd: 3 (High Hang Power Snatch + High Hang Squat Snatch)

Even: 5 Burpee Box Jumps

*weight should be selected according to individual technique and lighting speed throughout. If you are slowing down, drop the weight.



Eye opener for the CENTRAL THEME of CrossFit. Intensity.

The reality is, every workout that you finish, you should NEVER want to do again.

That’s what intensity feels like.

Almost every instance of plateauing can be linked to a lack of this.

I have had many conversations with people who have been doing  CrossFit for a long time but have not seen results like their buddies. Many people think they will will get better just by doing it often. That’s simply not the case.

Now we always harp on the fact that Intensity is preceded by consistent mechanics. And this is true. The progression should be:

1) slow and incorrect

2) slow and correct

3) fast and correct.

We see many make it to step 2, but often never to step 3.

Step 1 and 2 takes place between you and your coaches. It is a dialogue of trying, failing, listening, improving.

Step 3 takes place between your ears. I will be blogging, or maybe vlogging on this this week.

Don’t do what you think you can do. Do what your coach thinks you can do.


Hijacked (4 Rounds for reps)
On a continuous running clock:

Minutes 0-5:

Row 500m
Max Deadlifts 365/255

Minutes 5-10:

Run 400m
Max GHD’s

Minutes 10-15:

Row 500m
Max Deadlifts 365/255

Minutes 15-20:

Run 400m
Max GHD’s

*score is total of the max reps portions all scored separately

**stagger start





Lots of stuff gearing up right now.
Summer League sign ups are in full effect. We are making a big step this year towards our vision for Summer League to be a super fun, super community building battle between local boxes. Registration starts this week. If you need a partner we will be putting out a free Agent sheet for you to put your name!!
So far we have 7 different gyms participating.
Ragin CrossFit
Ole Glory CrossFit
CrossFit Big Cat
CrossFit Confederation
CrossFit Cayenne
Your preparation starts today. We will also be posting the WoDs so you can see that nearly everyone is capable of participating!
Coach Alexandra will be doing a Movement Clinic this Saturday focused specifically on Toes to Bar. These clinics are designed to show you specifically what is holding you back from conquering this movement, and what to do about it. There will be video breakdown of your movement, corrective drills addressing your specific faults, and constructive criticism from our only CF Gymnastics certified L2 Trainer. Time to be done with those 2 hour TTB workouts….
Coach Bambi is currently putting together a “Women’s Only” Olympic Weightlifting Course to be held at CFSL. We will be issuing details as soon as we have them.
Coach Josh is coaching “Power Hour” on CFBB Friday Nights from 6-7pm. This is a one hour class on a rotating 4 week schedule specifically designed to repair the chinks in your fitness armor. The movements and exercises in this class are rarely if ever seen in CrossFit, or really anywhere other than elite powerlifting gyms. There are two spots left in this 4 week cycle. Let Josh know if you are interested.
Flat-Footed FS + PP
EMOM in 10
With a load that allows you adher to the requirement below the movement description
1 Front Squat + 1 Push Press +1 Front Squat + 1 Push Press
***here is the clencher. Do these movements without your heels separating from the floor. Not even a smidgeon.
Fran (Time)
Thrusters, 95# / 65#