-1796409031Super important mobility today guys!

Anyone (including myself) that have shoulder pains, tight shoulders with lack of range of motion, it’s imperative that you focus and take the time to get better in that area.

Mobility improves and your gains will improve!

Hip Extensions and Back extensions are two different movements, so lets differentiate between the two!

Hip Extensions-we maintain lumbar curve throughout the movement and don’t let our shoulder blades separate. Keeping a rigid flat back.

Back extensions- we do actually round our back intentionally to the bottom, 90 degrees, and flatten it out at the bottom, then round it back on the way up then flatten out again at the top.

So for today we want to hinge at the hip to 90 degrees at the bottom maintaining our lumbar curve throughout the movement then rising back up to parallel.

Back to work.


5 way shoulder opener
Metcon (Time)
For time

Buy in 50 calories on rower

Then 3 Rounds

15 Hip Extensions
30 Double Unders

RX is abmat and 25’s




Today…we give the people what they want . Today we give the people PVC Limbo!!!
Overall winner from each location will be receiving a T Shirt or Tank of his/her choice.
To win, it must be on video.
You must clearly show you did not knock the pipe down.
You must get all the way thought without any part of your body touching the ground or poles.
You must walk all the way through. You can’t get close, stop and bend the neck over, and skeet through.
*In order for a video to be reviewed it must be posted on your FB Page and linked to either of our gym sites, and must show is why You should be the new CFBB/CFSL limbo champ.
And you better hope Jauvaghan doesn’t show!
Here’s a little sample of legit limboing:
Utilizing the racks, PVC’s., Mexican Music, and Measuring tapes, show us who can limbo the lowest!!!
NOT Screw your back up
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
AMRAP in 14
12 Alternating DB snatches 45/35
10 Alternating Weighted Box Step Ups
8 Tows to Bar
Maasters Rx is 35/25



Monday!! Let’s handle up today and start off the week with some cleans and a chipper!

We always want to be faster, stronger, more explosive, better at sports, a better looking butt, nice legs, strong back, overall a much healthier person.
Developing our posterior chain is important in reaching any of these goals. Posterior chain as in our glutes, hamstrings, back, groin muscles. Olympic lifting like the power clean is great way to hit all of those muscles as well getting us better at all of the other cool things we like to do at the gym.
Pulling, pushing, jumping, throwing, running, rowing. One movement is
Power Clean (Every :40 seconds 1 rep at 80% 16 reps total)
-Use 80% of 1RM clean or add 10-15 pounds of the weight you used last week for the 4 sets of 5
-So you lift on
11:00 is the last one
Metcon (Time)
For time
55 Burpees
45 KB swings 53/35
35 Wall Balls 20/14 10ft/9ft
25 Chest to bar Pullups
15 Deadlifts 225/155



Working on parts of our clean today just like we did on Wednesday with the pause front squats.
Hook Grip today, take off your gloves, get some tape for your thumbs if you need to, get used to it you’ll never a be as good as you can be if you don’t.
The metcon is moderately heavy and has a lot of reps so for choosing your weight, you should be able to do the first round unbroken. If you cannot do all 20 you should do less weight. This is to maintain the stimulus of the workout and that is to go fast!
Thanks to all friends that worked out with us yesterday and thank you guys for bringing your friends to join us!
Tomorrow Coach David and Coach Alex will be working out with some other athletes from around the area at 10 AM at Ragin CrossFit if anyone wants to go cheer them on! It’s free and should be fun to watch!
Back to work
Clean Grip Deadlift
3-3-3-3 Across
-80% of 1RM clean
-NOT touch and go, lower the bar slowly to the floor while maintaining lumbar curve and reset without taking hands off the bar
Metcon (Time)
20 Deadlifts 225/155
800 meter run



Here we go!
Another long anticipated CFBB/CFSL Bring – A – Friend Day!
Friends….we have hidden away all of the evil torture devices we typically beat everyone up with to make you guys think we actually have a ton of fun in here every day!
Joking aside, it warms our heart to share this with you!
Push yourself, learn something, and have a great time! I bet you can’t leave without smiling at least once:)
Double Dragon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
With a comparable partner
AMRAP in 20
200m Team run
20 Russian KB Swings 53/35
20 Wall Ball Situp w/ handoff 20 or 14
20 Alt. Dumbbell HANG Power Snatch 45/25 (db dips between legs)
20 Wall Ball Back 2 Back Squats (same ball as before)
*one parer works at a time on DB Snatch
*if raining Row 400m, 200 each
Run/Row is woth 0 points, just have to complete before moving on
**For wall ball situps, both partners do sit-up facing eachother, ball is passed to other partner when both sitting-up. Partner with ball touches ball overhead on floor as both partners do situp.
***back to back squats only count while ball is secured between partners back.
Super Squat Hip Opener!
Cool Down
Super Squat Hip Opener!