Carrying things today.

Throughout the day without you even knowing you’re exercising when you carry stuff, and when are we not carrying stuff?

Super simple movement, super big results.

Engages every muscle group and is an exercise that tests pure strength. Your arms will work as you try to stabilize the shoulder and elbow with your biceps and triceps turned on as well as your forearms trying to grip tightly.

Back, shoulders, traps will all feel it as you contract trying to keep the shoulders from rolling forward.

This is a great way to get your abs stronger without actually doing a concentric movement, engaging the abs will keep you sturdy throughout the walk.

Legs obviously will feel it as you are adding weight to a normal walk but you have to focus on your steps so the knees do not roll in, do not tight rope walk.

Jump on a higher box than normal but do not be too overzealous with it. Challenge yourself but don’t bust your shins.

Back to work.

Fridays are for winners.

Don’t forget about all your fearless athletes competing at the Ragin Games on Saturday at the Blackham Coliseum, it’s one of the biggest CrossFit competitions in the region and should be a good show. Rep your gym.


Metcon (Time)
For time

Buy in
1,000 meter row


7 rounds of

-200 meter famers carry 53/35
-7 Box Jumps 30/24


Buy out
400 meter run



Awesome weather to run in yesterday!

With the weather changing and becoming progressively cooler, we need to understand how important it is that we properly warmup AND cool down. When your coaches are having you do these warmups, no matter how weird they may be or it is something that you have done before, they are doing them to prevent you from getting injury, elevate the core temperature which make your soft tissue more pliable, and prime your movement patterns.

Everyone benefits from the warm-up, but the reality is, the older you are, the more important it becomes. Think of a fresh new rubber band out of the bag. Yum. Soft, pliable, easily stretches and quickly returns to its original shape. That’s your 18 year old tendons and ligaments. Now think of a 40 year old rubber band… see where this is leading.

Cool downs are just as equally important as warming up. The cool down helps to get things back to normal like your breathing and your heart rate. During the cool down routine you are also allowing the blood to properly redistribute itself to the heart.

This redistribution helps rid the muscles of lactic acid which can build up around the muscles during an aerobic workout.

If you stop your aerobic exercise abruptly and do not cool down, the blood can pool up around your muscles in the legs. Cooling down also helps reduce soreness the next day, and improves flexibility.

In the workout today we have to make sure that we stay tight in the core and keep the arms fully locked out.


Kettlebell Arm Bar
3 sets of 5 reps on each arm.
Each rep is 3-5 sec.


15 min AMRAP
1 Man Maker 45/25
5 Walking Overhead Lunges 45/25
2 Man Makers
5 Walking Overhead Lunges
3 Man Makers
5 Walking Overhead Lunges……
Masters/Teens 35/20
*Continue to add 1 Man Maker to each round.
**Score is completed amount of Man Makers
***Walking Overhead Lunges are with both hands overhead. Each with a Dumbbell. Use the same weight for both movements.



You will start to notice over the next coming weeks that we will be implementing different ways for you guys to practice your pistols.

Progression after progressions we will constantly switch it up so it’s not just the same old pistol to a box everytime, or hanging onto the rig everytime.

If you already have pistols. I’ll make them harder for you. My sleeves are full of tricks. 🙂

For the workout, choose a weight that you can do the first round of Deadlifts unbroken with, the name of the game is intensity, it is everyday most of the time.

Time yourself on your first round, notice the time you finish the pull-ups and even make a note on a whiteboard if you need to.

Rounds should be within 20 seconds of each other, most likely getting slower as we go but give everything you got in that last round. We want to stay consistent all the way through and not fall off in the infamously painful third round.

Step up in the third round! Thats when you feel it most and you’re thinking “Aw damn another round after this”

Don’t do that to yourself. Stay focused on the task at hand, meaning the movement your on, and focus on finishing the round in good time.

Then hammer the 4th round.

Back to work.

For Quality

40 Candlestick to Pistols


Metcon (Time)
4 Rounds for time

20 Deadlifts 185/115
400 meter run
15 Pullups

Masters/Teens 155/95
RX+ 225/155 AND chest to bar

**If you do RX+ it’s all or nothing, have to do chest to bar if you do the weight.

Change Your Oil

A photo by Thomas Lefebvre. 4 reasons you need to switch from vegetable, canola, and peanut oil to coconut oil.


1.  Coconut oil contains saturated fat as opposed to unsaturated fats in vegetable oils. When unsaturated fats are heated to cooking temperature levels, free radicals are created. Free radicals are the opposite of anti-oxidants. This is not the case with saturated fats.

Free radicals > Inflammation > Disease (heart disease, diabetes, cancers)


2.  Coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides, or MCT oil. This particular type of saturated fat is easily digestible so great for people with gallbladder or pancreatic issues. They are also readily burned for energy like simple carbohydrates but without the ravaging spike in blood sugar. MCT’s also significantly boost the metabolism and promote serious weight loss.


3.  One of the MCT’s in coconut oil is called lauric acid. Lauric acid has numerous beneficial effects including having antimicrobial and anti fungal properties that help maintain normal gut flora and a healthy immune system. The only other significant source of lauric acid that we know of is human breast milk and that’s way harder to cook with.


4.  It tastes better. For real.



Congrats to all of you that hit a new PR yesterday. It was great seeing all of you that put in the hard work to help improve yourselves.
Doing accessory work like lateral raises will help out with a few things. It can be a prehab to help you prevent injury, it can also be a tool to help you strengthen the stabilizer muscles. When doing these today take your time with them and focus on contracting at the top of the movement.
When doing the WOD today think of which one that you can do without stopping going fast keeping your time under 10 min. If you have done Annie a few times RX then take a peek at Grannie. If you haven’t done Annie yet get that one down first. If your double unders aren’t quiet there yet keep up the intensity up by using double taps. Remember for double taps to be a useful mod, you need to complete both taps while in the air! Ideally one will occur on the way up, the other on the way down just like a double under!
20 Lateral Raises 10R/10L
30 Sec Handstand hold
20 Double-unders
Annie (Time)
Grannie (Time)
For Time:
GHD Situps