Some days I work out, just out of the sheer gratitude that I can. Not what am I gonna get out of this? Do I like this work out? Do I feel like it?

Just because I’m thankful.

Todays wod challenges all 3 domains, with a special gymnastic skill combo for all you ninjas. Play with it, see if you can find a rhythm. Even if you can’t, trying to is valuable to your training.

Looking for around 15 minutes and under.


The Phoenix (Time)
For Time:


Clean and Jerk 155/105
Toes-to-bar + Pull Up (combo move)
Bar Over Burpee

TTB + Chest to Bar




20170406_083518How do you get better at something?
By doing it and doing it well.

How do you get around doing something you don’t like?
You don’t! You suck it up and do it, and do it well.

Today might be something that you need to get better at. It might be something that you hate doing. It might be something that you are good at and enjoy doing.

Either way you still need to do it.

Don’t worry about what the WOD is, just get to the gym and do it.

Remember we prepare (train) for the unknown and the unknowable.




Starting off your Wednesday with some Push Presses from the rack, work in the 70-75-80% range and based on how you feel you can go up in your 4 sets then you may do so just remember we don’t want failed sets, good working sets.

Get those elbows slightly in front of the bar but maintain a full grip while you let the bar rest on your shoulders. In order to actually take advantage of the dip and drive of our legs we should try and get that bar resting on the shoulder with a belly full of air. Dip straight up and down and extend the knees and the hips before you begin to press up. Squeeze the legs tight and drive the ceiling as you finish in that good locked out position overhead.

In your Metcon we have a new a movement that will test your patience and coordination. Being patient with the Power Snatch to thruster doesn’t mean you can’t go fast, just means you need to be smooth and keep moving the DB. It’s a big range of motion, make sure we are setting our back before every pull and that DB isn’t too far out in front of you, keep it as close as you can to your body.

Coupled with some burpees today this should be a good engine test and make you push in the last round!

Back to work.


Push Press (3-3-3-3 75-80%)
Metcon (Time)
5 Rounds for time

12 DB Power Snatch to Thruster 45/25
12 Burpees

**Alternate Arms in the snatches to the thruster so you only need one DB, 6 each arm



Our back side, think about how much we use it, or supposed to use it. When we pick things up off of the floor, bend to put things down, walking and standing, those are all required to use our back side.  Pushing, pulling, lifting, and lowering are different ways that we engage our back, from our upper to middle and lower back.The glutes and hamstrings are part of the back side that is equally important.

All of those muscle groups make up what is called  our posterior chain. We find in a lot of people lacking strength in their posterior muscles.

If they are so important and are required for so many reasons why do a lot of people lack strength there and so many people have back pain issues?

One reason is the lack of awareness. Some people just don’t know what it is supposed to feel like to engage the groups of muscles.

Flexibility is another reason. The back side of some can get so tight from those muscles being dormant.

Something that I think that is caused by both is the society that we live in where everything is focused on the anterior part of the body, the “show muscles”.  At work we sit for long periods of time, being on our cell phones and computers, and in the globo gyms working only on the muscles that  are able to be seen (our front sides).

Today we will work on our back side from top to bottom. In our trunk work the focus will be on keeping our backs tight and locked in. Our hamstrings should be felt in all three of those movements.

Use your workouts as Training and not competition. Quality over quantity! Yes we want our deadlifts to be heavy today but not at the cost of doing them wrong. If we are unable to do our deadlifts without rounding our back then we will sub them with dimmels. We want our hamstrings sore tomorrow not our back.


3 Sets:
Partner Assisted Reverse Leg Curls -10 reps (rest 30 sec)
Thumbs up Reverse Fly -10 reps (rest 30 sec)
Bent Over Barbell Rows 10 reps (rest 60 sec)
Metcon (Time)
5 Rounds

15 GHD Situps
15 Deadlifts 225/155
20 Box Jumps 24/20

Masters(55+)/Teens 185/135




Back at it on a Monday!

With it starting to get hot again guys make sure you’re staying hydrated!! That means you have to start chugging water at least 36-48 hours before you come to the gym and crush your workouts, the day of just won’t be enough!

An AMRAP followed by a heavy lift today in a two part scored workout.

In the AMRAP we should be going fast, try scaling the pull-ups today to jumping pull-ups or ring rows to keep you cycling them and not fighting with getting in and out of a band, you don’t want to trip up with your heart rate pumping.

In the pushups today make sure you’re staying braced and not letting your bellybutton fall towards the floor, try and holding a hollow body and not let the knees touch the ground. Try and choose a setup that allows you to start with at least sets of 3 at a time.

Breathe at the top of every air squat even from the start, try to see how many of your rounds you can go unbroken and not stop squatting in the middle of a set of 15. Keep pushing you’ll surprise yourself how long your legs can really last.

Rest 3 minutes, collect yourself and make sure we have a good setup on your clean. Especially with you being taxed from crushing the rounds of “Cindy”.

A Power Clean or Squat Clean is allowed, your bar is allowed to be setup before you start the workout so practice some reps and warmup both or just one if you plan on doing just one version of the clean.

I’d suggest warming up to about 75% and then going down to 65% for your first try on the Clean, 8 minutes is plenty of time and you don’t want to try something too heavy when you are tired and not sure how it’s going to feel.

Big deep breath before you make your pull on the clean, stay tight on the bar and don’t yank on it, that will force your shoulders to roll forward and the shoulder blades separate and most likely force your back to round.

Big chest, stay tight, fast under the bar.

Back to work.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
12 Minute AMRAP

5 Pullups
10 Pushups
15 Air Squats

Rest 3 minutes

8 Minutes to get a Max Clean

Clean (1 rep max)