Unlock the Swag


Quick clarification boys and girls.

Unless noted otherwise, Master’s Rx for our purposes will follow with CrossFit HQ’s determination and start with 55 years old.

Although scores may change over age ranges, we believe with HQ that the movements and loading are valid throughout the preceding age range.

So in order to hit that Rx button after doing a Master’s modified WoD, you must be 55 years or older. This is to maintain consistency of information for comparative purposes.

If you are interested in seeing how you match up to other individuals within your age bracket, there is a dropdown filter on the whiteboard which will allow you to select and view scores amongst your contemporaries.

Also, i twas awesome watching you guys fight yesterday.


Close Grip Bench PressĀ (1RM)

Grip should be just inside of shoulders and elbows should stay tight to the body.

Rest 2 minutes between sets building up to a max
“Unlock the Swag”

AMRAP in 11 minutes of

1 Rope Climb
10 Toes to Bar
15 Power Snatch 75/55

Masters & Teens: 65/45
Rx+: 95/65