3 Tips for Winter CrossFit


You have probably noticed our gyms are not climate controlled.

This is not an accident.

One of the things that CrossFit has taught us is the fact that strength and resilience is developed through exposure. Exposure to challenge results in adaptations to our heath and fitness.

Weather is just another form of exposure.

Our bodies have heating and cooling mechanisms built in to them.

Allowing these mechanisms to operate helps keep them functioning properly. Our bodies are a lot like any machine where a lack of use will eventually lead to degradation.

With that said, there are some things we can do to ease the discomfort of this processs and make sure we stay healthy and strong through the winter workouts.


Wear multiple (3) light layers to the gym. Begin the warm up with all of them on stripping one at a time as you start to feel your body, joints, and muscles heating up.


We can lose about 50 percent of our body heat through an uncovered head (even if you aren’t as bald as me!)


It is important to stay hydrated in the cold. We often overlook this requirement because we don’t see or feel as sweaty. However we are still losing fluids when we are exercising vigorously. 

Cold water will make us colder as our bodies will lose heat trying to warm the water to our body temperature. Try leaving your water out, at work or home or in your car. It doesn’t need to be hot, just don’t want it cold. 

Use these tips to stay safe and healthy through this winter CrossFit season!