-You guys know that we do “Hero” workouts every so often at the gym to show respect to our fallen military men and women.
-Well today with his mother’s permission, we will think of Antonio “AJ” Kohl Alexander.
-If you don’t come to CFSL regularly or are just starting with us, AJ would come to the gym quite often with his mother Tamika, he would be very respectful of her and stay seated out of the way of class and play on her iPhone.
-He would often snap pictures of class and even of myself and then show it to me with a huge smile on his face that he is doing good capturing moments in the gym while the class and his mother worked hard.
-He loved to sit on the boxes, he also loved to stand on the boxes which was a no go since he was only 2 years old. Tamika would fuss, he’d sit like the great kid that he was, but then like all kids..stand again because to him the gym was a huge playground! I get it 🙂
-I’d find myself instead of having to fuss him because i definitely don’t like to do that, i’d just put him on my back that seemed to occupy him. I’d make deals with him, that if he’d sit the whole time, I would always take him down the hill in the back to see the water. He and his younger brother loved the hill and the pond at CFSL.
-The last time i got to hang with my boy and his brother Mason they were sitting on the wall balls, bouncing up and down in their cowboy boots and i was just worried they’d miss and fall and get hurt.
-So we made a deal, sit still until momma is done and i will take you dudes down the hill, so they did.
-A deal is a deal, so we went down and they loved every second of it.
-Antonio is survived by his parents, Antonio J. Alexander & Tamika Batiste.Grandparents, Michael & Clara Miller. Two brothers, Jalen Batiste and Mason K. Alexander; three sisters, Kennedie Batiste, Kinsley Batiste and Kamryn Jones, and a host of extended family members and friends.
AJ (Time)
3 Rounds for time

-8 Burpee Pullups
-22 Wall Balls 20/14
-13 Box Jump Overs with the Ball 24/20
-8 Wall Walks
-29 Double Unders
-16 KB Swings 53/35

-You may land on top of the box for the box jump overs
-Scale to step overs with the ball