Today we are trying to develop some muscle stamina and lactate threshold. Now I know what you’re thinking…..When will I ever have to do 100 pull-ups?!?!
Well, good question. I don’t often get to do On Ramps, but I got to do one last week. During one of our discussion portions we got to the down and dirty super simplified definition of CrossFit.
CV : Constantly Varied
HI: High Intensity
FM : Functional Movement
Now the Constantly Varied part speaks of our commitment to ever changing stimulus designed to keep the body in a state of constant adaptation. It also speaks to our commitment to challenging ourselves in as many different time and modal domains as we can think of.
The Functional Movement portion describes the type of movements we perform. There is a list of what qualifies functional movements, But thats not todays focus
Today we are looking at the High Intensity portion. Now we all know from our time in CrossFit, that one display of high intensity is speed. Another example of High Intensity would be weight or load. Now the question came up in the On Ramp class, “What is the purpose of the intensity?”
Well there are two.:
1) Intensity drives adaptation.
– If you run a mile everyday, you will get good at running a mile everyday. It will get easier up to a certain point and then any benefits from running the mile will begin to stabilize or even revert.
-If you run a mile AS FAST AS YOU CAN everyday, the adaptation to that stimulus will continue almost indefinitely.
2) Intensity makes the thing you are training for easy!
-Many of us attend CFBB/CFSL simply with the goal of living a better life, so lets look at some of the demands we face in life that intensity in the gym helps make easier.
How easy is carrying your groceries when you have carried 35lb kettelebells for miles?
How easy is getting out of your chair after you are used to doing 100 Air Squats?
Angie (Time)
For Time:
100 pullups
100 pushups
100 situps
100 air squats
3 Rnft
10 Side Plank w/ Hip Kiss L
10 Side Plank w/ Hip Kiss R
10 Hip Extensions
(3 count lower, explode up, 3 count hold at top)
*these need to be perfect. Your lower back needs to not round even the slightest millimeter.
Mangie (Time)
It’s 1 or the OTHER!!!!
For time:
100 chest-to-bar pull-ups
100 handstand push-ups
100 GHD sit-ups
100 one-legged squats, alternating