Apollo Creed

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CrossFit is fun. We all know it’s hard as hell but it’s still a lot of fun. The fun really starts when you start to impress yourself, which will happen way after you impress everyone else.
After a while you start to understand your physical abilities in workouts. You know if there is a set of 21 thrusters, you can probably get 15 unbroken before you have to take a break. Did you plan on that break?
If you did plan on it, you made an assessment of your ability and applied a strategy to your workout which is beautiful!
Part of the fun of CrossFit is being able to apply a strategy/gameplan for your WOD. Here’s a few tips to making your very own gameplan.
1.) Know your physical capabilities.
2.) Set some tough yet realistic goals inside of the WOD.
3.) Push yourself
4.) Know the last minute or round or set will suck.
Apply a strategy to your workout today to get you through efficiently and quickly 🙂
Back to work.
28 April 2016
“Apollo Creed”
Push Press 95/65
Toes to Bar
Double Unders