Bring a Friend Day is back!

Welcome all the new faces you see in class today guys, if all your friends were to scared to come grab a buddy in class and knock this one dead!

Great thing about a partner workout where only one of you works at a time is that you can hold your partner accountable!

Make sure they are doing all their reps and doing them well! No “Bro-reps” like hey you’re my buddy so you don’t have to squat down all the way….but yes you do.

Don’t let your friends slack, help them get better and make yourself better by making sure they are doing the movement to full standard and correctly unless Coach tells them different! Coach Overrules in that case 🙂

Have fun today, push yourselves and your friends and let’s take Wednesday down!

Back to work.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
16 minute AMRAP

Sharing reps between partners, switch as needed only one person works at a time.

100 Double Unders
60 Situps
40 Wall Balls 20/14
20 Pullups

**Scale to Single unders but do not double the number do the same amount!
**Pull-ups can be ring rows for the scale no bands today!