Back Squat City


Today we go heavy.

Why do we go heavy?

Because we want to get strong, duh.

But the real reason is because CrossFit is a STRENGTH and conditioning program.

So today we will target the strength part.

What’s heavy, Coach?

Well we are so glad you asked!

In today’s case, heavy means around 60% – 80% of your 1 rep max for 5 reps.

Then we will go up in weight each set.

With that being said we have the exact reps and percentage of your 1 rep maxes that we would like to see you guys warm up with before you even count your first set!

It’s going to be a good day!

Thanks for all the well wishes yesterday I turned 25 on the 25th and thanks to CrossFit, I can still run circles around the 18 year old punk I used to be.

Back to work.

-Jordy G.


26 January 2016


Back Squat
5-5-5-5-5, climbing