Welcome all friends today at your home box guys!!

Work with a partner or friend during your warmup with this classic Coach Burgener Olympic lifting warmup, in lifting we jump and land every time so the first portion is going to get your feet, hips, and legs ready!

Crawling under will be fun too 🙂

Work smooth on the Hang snatches, go as heavy as you can but don’t get to the point of failure and you’re “muscling” it up, look good and show off for the friends.

Parnter will be a “You-Go, I-Go” style, complete a full round before switching, your partner has to complete the full round on their own before you can switch off.

Push each other, help each other, introduce yourself, and as always in the words of Coach David, “GET AFTER IT”

Back to work.


Hang Snatch (1-1-1-1)
10 minutes to get some quality hang snatches in, they can be power or squat, but Heavy doesnt mean Max, only go up if the movement was smooth and you’re feeling strong.
Junkyard Dogs


Metcon (Time)
For time:

8 rounds alternating with a partner

10 Hang KB snatches Right arm
10 Hang KB snatches left arm

20 Ab mat situps

30 Air Squats

53/35 RX kb weight
Partner A completes a full round before Partner B starts a round, so it will end up 4 rounds each