CrossFit CrossFit CrossFit!

My mom and I were having a conversation the other day which involved CrossFit. Surprise. But it made me begin thinking about why we talk about CrossFit so much. I realized the reason we are always talking about CrossFit is because of how we define “talking about CrossFit.” If you have ever attempted to explain what CrossFit is to someone you have had some experience with what I am talking about. After giving it a little thought I came to the conclusion that reason we talk so much about CrossFit is because it is genuinely holistic. CrossFit has something to say about nearly every facet of your life. Think about it. How you sleep, how you eat, how you stand, sit, squat. How many times to chew, how to avoid stress, where to get your coffee, the best shoes, the best shirts, the best shorts, the list goes on and on. I believe that it is this fact that makes CrossFit “outsiders” feel like we are a club, or some have used the term “cult” intending to be derogatory. However, after thinking a little more about it, I think I have a better explanation.

If you have ever heard me talk about about CF you have heard me say that at the end of the day CrossFit is about performance, namely human performance, and even more specifically, your performance. CrossFit has simplistically linked fitness to performance even so far as to make them synonymous. When we think about it, it makes absolute sense. But before Glassman defined it, this wasn’t the case. Try to think back of what you thought about when you heard the word “fitness” prior to coming in contact with CrossFit. For probably 99% of us, being “fit” was purely an aesthetic quality. ie “Look at her….she’s so fit.” Many of you now are more like, “Hey, let’s do a WoD:)” (Yes I have made the smiley face a legitimate punctuation mark.) We have come to realize: 1. That looks can be deceiving and 2. That it’s far better to be able to do shit and be healthy and in the process look good, than to just look like you are able to do shit. But I digress.


So if CrossFit is about performance, and the maximization of it, then we begin to look at all the factors that influence performance:


  1. Stress
  2. Sleep
  3. Diet
  4. Gear/Clothing
  5. Technique/Form/Posture
  6. Recovery
  7. Injury and treatment

and so on…..


Wow. If we broke down what each of those things entail, we see it’s a LARGE part of your life. Especially 1,2,&3.


Simplified, CrossFit is about performance. Performance and fitness are the same. There are many factors that affect performance and comprise a large portion of your daily activities. CrossFit has recommendations for each one of these factors. We often talk about our daily activities….and the big THEREFORE….we are often talking about CrossFit:)


Did I tidy that up well?


Aristotelian some might say.


So the point of it all is to realize that this is a holistic program that involves many areas of your life. It’s why people say it’s a lifestyle. But really it’s simply because performance is a lifestyle. Weight Watchers is a lifestyle. If you are going to run around counting up points and logging them on the internet every time you eat, there will be a lifestyle change. Football players have a lifestyle. Baseball players have a lifestyle. Martial artists have a lifestyle. CFBB has a lifestyle.

So all of this is to help you understand and combat the idea that there is somehow something wrong with having an opinion on what is good for you. Be strong, be proud, and turn up!