At CFBB/CFSL we have grown weary of current fitness industry practices. We are tired of seeing people “taken” by bogus television ads for garbage exercise machines, or weight loss pills/products. We are tired of seeing people sign up at gyms for some ridiculously low rate, only possible because the gym owners are betting/hoping you will never show up or quit very soon. To be frank, it pisses us off.

We had an idea. We were willing to bet that if we built a place where people had access to expert trainers, written workouts, constant encouragement, instruction, and education, nutritional guidance, and a ridiculously fun atmosphere, that people would do it, enjoy it, and finally start reaching their goals and seeing a level of health and fitness they may have not even thought possible.

We were right.

We know you have some questions, here is our attempt to answer them.


1. Who needs CrossFit?

You. We have grandparents and high school athletes. Both are making dramatic progress in their endeavors. We know their needs differ and we make sure each gets what they need.

2. What if I can’t do all of the exercises/movements?

Um….if you could, you wouldn’t need us. The majority of our clients are all at some point along the process of being able to do them. We are capable of scaling and modifying every exercise to make our methods accessible to anyone in any condition. You will walk before you run. And you will begin with an entire course built for Beginner’s!

3. I had a bad experience, aren’t all CrossFit gyms the same?

Hell no. We are individually owned and operated. CrossFit’s are like restaurants. They all serve food. Some of them suck at it.

4. I’ve heard about people getting injured, what’s the deal?

The injury rates in CrossFit are lower than the injury rates of runners. They are also the same as any other real fitness program. The truth is, most injuries related to CrossFit are actually pre-existing injuries that were exposed by CrossFit. If you have been sitting on a couch for 5 years, it is possible for you to have issues that you are unaware of until you begin moving.

Fortunately we are experts at helping people work around and through any restrictions we discover.

5. Isn’t CrossFit expensive?

No. Gyms are just cheap for the reasons we listed above. If all the members of a traditional Globo Gym actually showed up, they wouldn’t know what to do.

We do not compete on price, we compete on quality, There will always be a place to pay less and get less….sometimes nothing. The sad truth is that some people will keep their gym memberships for years without ever using it. Now that’s expensive!

6. I’ve seen some CrossFit girls on TV, won’t CrossFit make me huge?

No. CrossFit combined with our nutrition philosophy work together to make you the best you you can be. Your body, when fit, will look like it’s supposed to. We are not fans of excess. If you have excess fat, you will lose it, but if you have excess muscle, you would lose that too.

Thinking that because you’ve seen muscular girls on TV doing CrossFit, then CrossFit will make you huge, is like watching basketball on TV and thinking if you go play, you will get tall. They are genetically bigger than average. That’s how they got on TV.

7. A lot of people lose weight doing CrossFit, won’t CrossFit make me skinny?

See the first paragraph in the answer above.