Feelings Are Lies


Early in my CrossFit career, I became aware of a particularly nasty WoD called “Fight Gone Bad.”

This workout is special. It was designed for MMA fighter BJ Penn to more closer match the demands of a fight than traditional conditioning workouts like jogging.

This workout consists of 3 five minute rounds followed but 1 minute of rest. Each minute of the five minute rounds requires the athlete to do as many reps as possible of various exercises like box jumps, wall balls, and rowing, and your score is the total number of repetitions completed over the course of the 17 minutes. Top scores break 500 reps.

It’s awful.

“Measurability is a crucial component of CrossFit. It is in fact one of it’s crowning achievements. By adding measurement to a concept as elusive as fitness, CrossFit has forever changed the fitness scene. We now can tell you HOW fit you actually are by testing you.”


Measurement means things like tape measures, scales, and clocks, are now a fundamental part of what we do. That clock is our frienemy. The best and worst thing that ever happened to working out.

In the fight gone bad workout, we become intimately acquainted with that clock. The minutes of work can seem like 5 minutes, while the minute of rest begins to feel like about 15 seconds.

“Oh my God, are you serious? Did you speed up the clock?”

Workouts like this show us our relationship with time. While in the middle of things we enjoy, time flies. While in the middle of things that make us uncomfortable, seconds feel like minutes.


“This is why we don’t trust our feelings.”


I would love to see the results if I told you to WORK until you feel like a minute has passed, or Rest until you feel like a minute has passed.

People either LOVE or HATE CrossFit. One of the reasons is this OBJECTIVITY. Objectivity helps us become aware of the truth of out fitness situation. Many people avoid truth like the plague. But it is vital to any meaningful pursuit. Things like taking inventory at work, scouring your finances, honestly evaluating your relationships are not fun, uncomfortable, and essential for growth.

We see this go both ways though. Some think they are better off than they actually are, but many people we find have some hidden skills and abilities that are brought to the forefront in this process.


Kevin Williams is not far from Deadlifting 600lbs.

Jake Randazzo runs faster than my motorcycle.

Ms. Alice can squat a school bus.

Chrissy Lalonde is super agile.

Taylor Boudreaux bench presses with the guys.

This list goes on…….


Whatever we think or feel about ourselves and our capabilities, its probably inaccurate without having actually measured it. There are times we feel great and think we are improving, but the clock says, “Nope.”

Other times the opposite is true.

“The point is, living by our feelings is not an effective way to progress through life. If we want results, we gotta bust out the clock. Until you are ready for this level of honesty, you probably are not ready for change.”


The good news is, no matter where you currently are, you don’t have to stay there, or continue that path. That’s where the CFSL/CFBB community and coaches come in! We ALL start there.

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