Genie In A Bottle

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31 May 2016
So proud of yesterday’s effort.
We hammered some cardio and stamina and melted some serious body fat.
Today we tax coordination, agility, balance, stamina, power, strength and speed. This type of work sharpens the mind and leads to greater hip/knee stability.
As hot as it is getting you guys should start noticing your body acclimatizing.
Acclimatization plays an important role in your fitness and in your life. While it is definitely a biological process of adapting to an environment, it is also very much neurological. Sort of like when you first walk into a smoky room, and after a while you don’t notice it anymore. It is still there and strong as ever, but our AWARENESS of it systematically and quickly declines.
Prior to CFBB/CFSL many of us had become acclimatized to our surroundings. Eating shitty food was normal. Minimal physical activity was normal. 20-30 lbs of excess body fat was normal. Stomach issues, poor sleep and hydration, constant battle with seasonal “bugs,” and coughs and colds all were just normal parts of life.
The cool thing about acclimatization is that we can use it to our advantage. For most of us, CFBB/CFSL is a change in climate. While awkward and uncomfortable initially, we slowly begin to get used to it. We begin to adapt to it. We get used to a different way of approaching food. We get used to paying attention to how we move. We establish new habits. Fit becomes normal. Healthy becomes attainable. Joy is inevitable.
3 sec Pause Front Squats (Weight)
*coaches will be counting the pause OUT LOUD
Lifters will all remove the bar from the rack and get set. Wait for the command “DOWN”
All will lower into the lowest possible Front squat they are capable of without faults.
On the coaches command of “UP” you will return to full extension as aggresively and quickly as possible.
For Time
Power Cleans 135/95
Single Leg Bar Over Lateral jumps Left Leg
Single Leg Bar Over Lateral Hops Right Leg
**if you can not safely execute the single leg lateral hops over the bar, do them over the nearest seem in the mats
***Rx Plus is 185/125