Get The Flip Out


Today we will spend time on flipping some tires. Tire flips are a great tool to help on power and strength. When getting setup have your chest and shoulders on the tire with your chin resting on the top and set your back. Drive the tire in an upward direction of a 45° angle using the hips and legs to move the tire.
You can watch a video from back in the day with some tips and ways to do tire flips.
When doing the deadlifts today try to go unbroken on them. Set the shoulders back and down head neutral and have your abs on.
For the GHD’s kick up on the pads to lock out the legs to help bring yourself back up. Take a big breath of air going down and let it out on the way up to help you stay tight.
As for those dreaded double unders, stay springy on the feet let the shoulders be relaxed and elbows by the side.
Tire Flips:
Spending 15 minutes working on tire flips. We can do them solo or with a partner. Try to get at least 5 flips
Get The Flip Out (Time)
4 Rounds For Time
10 Deadlifts 225/185 *
20 GHD*
50 Double Unders
*Rx+ 255/205
*Masters (50+) 185/135
GHD for masters touch to a 20″ box