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Feels like it’s been awhile since we ran so while it isn’t pouring down outside let’s take advantage and see the sights.
Bullet Proof shoulders to start off your hour, think of it has “Prehab” have to seep the shoulders healthy so we don’t have to go through the rehab.
Goal is to go unbroken on your squats.
Breathing during your lifts is crucial. In today’s case we are talking about during squats.
Before any type of squat is initiated there should be an intake of air into the lungs, expanding the abdomen, and lifting your chest up. This means that we are not trying to “hollow” out and make yourself suck in to look good in a mirror selfie. We are doing the opposite. We need a big belly, your abdomen is your base of support.
Keeping the breath in as long as possible throughout the movement is important, some people start to breathe out on the way up, some hold it until they are up. Consider experimenting with both today and see how you feel, breathe out on the way up if you’re getting dizzy, which happens often while under heavy loads, it’s normal. Just breathe.
Back to work.
Bullet Proof Shoulders
Metcon (Time)
For time
20 Back Squats 95/65
800 meter run
20 Front Squats 95/65
600 meter run
15 Back Squats 95/65
400 meter run
15 Front Squats 95/65
200 meter run
50 Air Squats
Masters RX 50+ 75/55
RX+ 135/95