We know your bodies are pretty smoked from our first two WODs this week – and that’s okay!

We programmed a heavy day to give your metabolic systems a break (phewf!). These heavy deadlifts will, however, tax your nervous system, which is imperative for growing stronger.

This slower-paced workout will allow your coaches to critique your pull from the ground in a way that is much more effective than during a high-intensity workout.

Taking the time and patience required to make small (or big) changes to your deadlift mechanics will make you better at any movement that requires you to pull the bar from the floor (cleans and snatches, and any variations of the two).

Let’s do this thang!


Deadlift (E2MOMx20)
Spend 10-15 minutes warming up to a moderately heavy single. Then,

Perform 1 Deadlift, every two minutes on the minute for 20 min. That’s 10 reps.

This is not necessarily a PR attempt, but a max for the day, as your body is taxed from Monday and Tuesday.