Handling Failure

How to handle failure.


I often find myself thinking about the what if’s. What if this happens, what if I have homework, what if I don’t do my homework, what if I can’t train tomorrow, what if I get hurt tomorrow, what if I let everyone down, what if I can’t win this WOD. Etc and so on and so forth. I thought I was insane. (Maybe I am) but I think most people think the same things time to time. With those questions comes with the consequences. Sometimes failure is the consequence and you aren’t happy about that. Because no one likes to lose and that’s a fact. But how do we deal with this adversity? This negative feeling of not accomplishing things. Do we give up? Do we mope around about it? Do we complain that thrusters absolutely suck and we aren’t that great at them?


If the answer is yes, then congratulations you have taken the easy way out.


But there is another way,


As the cliche goes “the glass is half full” depending on your outlook. Staying positive in times of adversity determines a persons character. What kind of person they are. If you let the negative overwhelm you, you will fail miserably. Keeping your head up and staying positive is crucial to your happiness, success, improvement, friendships, the list goes on.


Some tips on staying positive:


  1. Make yourself small goals, several of them. Every time one is achieved that is success! Every improvement is ground gained no matter how small.


  1. Surround yourself with positive people. CFBB has some amazing members that help one another. If you haven’t met all of them yet you should.


  1. Eliminate the negative in your life. This goes with number 2. Negative people will bring you down. They don’t want you to be happy if they aren’t so they will bring you down with them, let your greatness be shown and appreciated by the people who believe you are great. Those people will last longer and you will have a partner in your success story. Pom.


  1. Give yourself 5 minutes. If something doesn’t go your way and its really getting to you, give yourself 5 minutes. Catch your breath, be aggravated, be pissed off, angry, upset, sad, whatever it is. Limit yourself to 5 shitty minutes, then LET IT GO. No one wants to be around you in an ugly mood for much longer.


  1. Pick yourself up.

You have to try again. If you sit and dwell on the recent misfortune you will stay in the funk. Find success even when it seems impossible. You can look back at number 1 for help.


  1. Control what you can control.

I can’t control my boss is an ass.

I can’t control there are wall balls in the WOD today.

I can’t control that it’s cold.


Do not stress over these things. They are out of your control, focus on what you can control and you will have a better chance of success.


So smile at your boss.

Do wall balls to the best of your ability, set a small goal.

Suck it up in the cold, everyone else is in it too.


Now don’t get me wrong. It’s hard. It is hard to try and stay so positive all the time, especially when it feels like the whole world is against you and anything you try and do isn’t working or it isn’t enough. All of this will pass I promise but you have to keep looking forward. So try the quick six.


  1. Small goals
  2. Positive support
  3. Eliminate negative sherminess
  4. 5 minutes then let it go
  5. Try again
  6. Control the controllable


Try it in your WODS, in your school, in your work, and in your life. It applies to all.