Sweet baby Barbara, those CrossFit girl workouts look simple on the outside but really wreck havoic on us, but we like it.

Todays WOD may seem a little confusing but don’t worry about it we got you covered. It will be 5 rounds, each round will be 2 minutes long with a 1 minute rest in between rounds. The rounds will have max amount of double unders you can do and max weighted deadlift you can do. Your score for each round will be your total DU and total weight. You will have to establish your max DU before you attempt your DL.

Here is an example:
In my 1st round I get 150 DU in 1:30, so now I have :30 to get a max DL, which is 315 lbs. So my score for that round would be 150 + 315= 465.

Some strategizing will have to partake for this one. That’s always fun, thinking while we put our bodies under max exertion.

If you are still confused on how the WOD will go, just come we will show you when you get here!

3 rds
30 sec side plank hold (R)
30 sec side plank hold (L)
30 sec rest


Metcon (5 Rounds for reps)
5 rds
2 min each round
Max Double Unders*
Max Deadlift
Rest 1 min
Rx+ will be Triple Unders.
The total of both the amount of reps from the D.U. and the weight from the DL will be your score for each round.
The 1 min rest will give you the opportunity to either add weight or take off.
You can start with weight on the bar.