The foundation is the squat.
When in doubt, squat.
Get under the bar today and try to push some heavy numbers. sets of 3 you’re looking between 70-80%
Sets of 2 should be around 80-85%
See what the heavy sets are feeling like and maybe that last single could be 95-100% of your 1 rep max.
All depends on feel, play it smart and don’t get greedy and start missing sets, the goal is always to have no misses, you can try more than once on the last single but no more than three attempts.
Get after this chipper today, keep moving, plan your breaks.
Big sets with small breaks on the wall balls.
KB swings should be heavier than normal today but you need to be able to get them done in under 3 minutes.
Step over if necessary on the burpees to keep moving, RX is too feet hops
Overhead squat weight choose wisely, at least 5 at a time.
Fridays are for winners.
Back to work.
Back Squat (3-3-2-2-1)
Metcon (Time)
For time
40 Wall Balls 20/14
40 Bar Over Burpees
40 KB Swings 70/53
40 Overhead Squats 95/65