Staying strong means doing all the little things right, the isometric holds that really improve overall strength and stability without a concentric or eccentric contractions.

Isometric means that throughout the duration of the prescribed hold we do not let any joint angle or muscle length change. Still getting stronger by bracing and balancing our body in a static position.

The Open is an Endurance competition. It always has been and unless things change all of a sudden you will need an engine to do your best in the Open.

Burn it up today with this three round burner.

Lay sideways on the side of the bar and try to stay low and roll through those burpees.

Tighten up on those double unders, cut the reps in half or double the number for singles. Singles will be in the Open for the scaled workouts!

Power Snatches are one of the most common movements seen in the Open every year they show up. Keep the bar close and touch and go reps are needed today. Go lighter if you are having trouble stringing together at least 5 in a row.

Shoot for something around 12 minutes.

Back to work.


3 rounds not for time

-30 second Handstand Hold on the wall
-Farmers Carry 70/53-SL goes rig to door and back-BB rig to rig and back
-20 second Prone Hold on GHD
-20 second Supine Hold on GHD

Metcon (Time)
For time

3 rounds

20 Burpees over the bar
50 Double unders
15 Power Snatches 75/55

Masters/Teens 65/45