Our next Bring-A-Friend Day will be Thursday, June 30!
All classes will be cancelled on Monday, July 4! We will program an at-home WOD.
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High fives all around on yesterday, unless you ripped. Then fist bumps.
Today we introduce a newish movement. Some of you have done these before but for most of you it will be your first time.
It will help to think of this movement as a Top Loaded Sumo Deadlift. The exercise is essentially the same except that you are pushing weight up rather than pulling it up.
If you have been around a while, you have realized that there are only so many human movements. Vertical press, Vertical pull, Horizontal Press, Horizontal Pull, Hip Hinge, Pelvic Tilt and Trunk Rotation sums up the majority. But it is the symphony created by the myriad combinations of these basic movements that is responsible for all of the beauty that is human physical achievement.
Combine a vertical press with a hip hinge, you’ve got a push press, or a handstand pushup (or opening the garage door).
Combine a vertical pull with a hip hinge, you’ve got a pull up (or getting over a fence or back into a boat).
Combine a vertical pull with trunk rotation and a hip hinge, you’ve got a DB snatch (or starting the weed eater or pulling your child from a flaming car).
Today’s movement is a hip hinge but expressly designed at increasing the flexibility of the hip and leg ADductors while targeting activation of the glutes and leg ABductors. Because we sit on our asses, we don’t know how to use them, and because we never open our hips, this is an area of excessive tightness. Compensation for these two problems are largely responsible for the majority of back pain and injury, knee pain and injury, foot pain and injury, and yes, neck pain and injury. Let’s fix it.
Hip Opener w/ Sumo Groin Mobilization
3 Rounds for perfection
10 Contralateral Deadbugs R
10 Contralateral Deadbugs L
10 Air box squats (real box, no weight)
– focus is compensatory acceleration or rate of vertical force production of the box. This movement is on squeezing explosion, NOT ROCKING, and your abs should be on lock.
Box Squat (10-8-6-4-2)
Same criteria as the Air box squat but with the bar. Place the bar mid trap with close hands, NOT on your neckbone.
You should be coming up so hard that the weights shake at the top.