Big Props to the CFSL hammering out an impromptu burpee challenge. By my calculations…..today is 70?

Finish it.

The other night Alex and I were discussing a quote I came across the other day. The quote was:

“How you do anything, is how you do everything.”

Let that marinate.

If you whine you are a whiner.

If you complain you are a complainer.

If you quit you are a quitter.

If you are mostly concerned with you, you are selfish.

And if you recruit people to join you and try to bring them down, you are worse than all of those added together.

One of the amazing things about a CrossFitWoD is that it performs two purposes simultaneously. On the one hand, it ungrudgingly puts the state of your fitness on display and reveals truth, an on the other hand it gives you the opportunity to change that state forever, if you want to. That’s its two roles.

It tells you you suck, but at the same time, it is the very thing you must embrace in order to not suck any more.

Now I don’t directly coach you guys as much as I used to, but I consider everyone of you to be my athletes. And by coaching your coaches, and still being responsible for your training, I still consider myself to very much be your coach.

As your coach I see my responsibility as very similar to the two roles of the WoD we just discussed. To help you see the truth about yourself, and to help you change it, if you want to.

Back to the quote. Scroll up, read it again. This quote is INFORMATIVE.

Maybe you read that and and you get discouraged. I am not trying to discourage you. Maybe you look at how you approach your workouts and can see the similarities. But that’s only one of the roles of the WoD. There’s another quote that is more than informative. It’s EMPOWERING. That quote is

“The way it’s always been is not the way it always has to be.”

All you have to do is change how you do anything, and very quickly you will change how you do everything. Start with todays WoD.
1) Spend 3-5 ACTUAL minutes rolling out the butt, lower back and hamstrings.

2) Spend 2 FULL ACTUAL minutes working into spinal decompression on the ghd machine. Rest for little bit while everyone goes.

**lay prone like you were doing back extensions but just let your body hang

3) Spend 2 FULL ACTUAL minutes with a wait hugged to your chest in the same position from number 2.

4) Banded Samson into Samson Split (just extend that forward leg)


Metcon (Time)
Take 10 Minutes to acccumulate as many tempo Pistols as possible.

3 second lower- 3 second hold – 3 second up

Alternate. Only count the ones you did with proper timing. If you scale, just notate how you scaled

SCALING: no apparatus

1) foot behind you with top of foot on ground, like a lunge but top of back foot pressed into floor not toes.

2) top of nonpistoling foot pressed into the achilles of the pistoling foot, use that tension for balance

3) non pistoling out front but resting on floor

If these do not work…..revert to air squat work, AKA double leg pistol.

THIS IS ABOUT VIRTUOSITY. Have your movement checked.
Zercher Squat (3-3-3-3-3)
Start heavy, stay heavy