In A Daze

Everyone’s Open workout IS IMPORTANT, so if you did sign up for the Open, make sure you have a judge to count your reps and to watch you throughout the workout.
Let’s talk about NO-REPS.
A no rep is determined by your judge if you, the athlete, did not complete the full standard of the particular movement you are doing.
It is the judge’s job to enforce that standard throughout your entire Open Workout and it is your job to uphold it.
If you get a NO-REP, don’t freak out. Don’t get mad. Don’t stop and argue. Don’t say a word. Just keep working. The judge may give you a cue on what you need to do in order to get the full rep for example “get lower” “hit the target” “lock out” “stand up all the way”
Pretty much anything you guys have heard your coaches say over and over again to you during warmups and workouts.
We at CFSL and CFBB take lots of pride in being honest and keeping the standards of the workout deemed by CrossFit Inc.
So there will be no freebies, no extras, do the full rep every single time and you will do well!
Everyone have a great week and come Friday we will all be smiling and in the zone for the 16.1!!!
Goodluck to everyone!!!
Back to Work.
23 February 2016
500 meter row sprint, for time
Rest 2 minutes
500 meter row sprint, for time
WOD, “In A Daze”
AMRAP in 10 minutes
7 Clean and jerks 135/95
30 Double Unders
***Scale to 60 single unders