20160823_181850Ever wonder why CrossFit undeniably works?

Even I still wonder sometimes “How am I still getting better?” After 5 years of doing this I still PR workouts I tried 5 years ago. Amazing and fascinating.

We operate in high intensity workouts. That’s where the most benefit and development happens.

High intensity training and like today with Tabata, High intensity interval training is scientifically proven to be the most beneficial for building lean muscle and burning off unneeded fat.

That’s all of our aim right? Build muscle and lose fat.

We are also improving our anaerobic and aerobic capacity at the same damn time, pretty cool right?

Getting better at running for long distances and better at one rep maxes all in one shot!

Back to work.


Clean Pull
75% of clean max

Tabata the following for reps

-Hand Release Pushups
-Ab Mat Situps
-Box Jumps 24/20