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Today is the day that we have all been waiting for, the release of the first Open WOD 17.1.

Tonight at CrossFit Breaux Bridge, Thursday Night Throwdown.  We will be having the captains of each team going at it. Throwing down tonight will be Kelly, Hunner, and Tiffany. Come out and show your support and watch the release of 17.1.

Mobilizing today with a foam roller and or a lacrosse ball targeting the troubled areas that are tight on us.  This is an opportunity to loosen up tight shoulders, hips, hamstrings, ankles, and wrist or whatever that is bothersome on you. Ask your coach for ideas and tips for some mobility drills.

DON’T skip today because you are doing the open WOD tomorrow and don’t want to be sore. Today is more of an active recovery. It will ensure that you move and get some blood flow helping you get primed for tomorrow.


15 minutes
10 rds
100m row

For every meter under or over do that many burpees
Rest 2 min between rows
Score is total amount of burpees