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Summer League details and registration can be found here:
All classes will be cancelled on Monday, July 4! We will program an at-home WOD.
Welcome Friends!
We usually talk about something really exercisey here.
Well today we will will skip the exercisey, but still talk about CrossFit.
While an essential focus of CrossFit is exercise and sound human mechanics, there is another less verbalized theme that CrossFit stands for that is equally important and that is the idea of community. The idea of Others.
We have witnessed first hand the power of Others in our gym. The power to push us past our limits, the power to get us to do things we didn’t think we were capable of, the power to check on us and hold us accountable to our goals. The power of Others is virtually limitless and you have done well to find a way to use that power to excel.
Today we have the opportunity to share what we have discovered with some other Others. Today YOU have the opportunity to motivate, encourage, and support those friends you have been begging to come see what CrossFit Breaux Bridge and CrossFit St. Landry is all about.
Today is about joy, and sharing that joy. Have Fun!!
Know When to Fold ‘Em (Time)
So here are the rules:
1. Each team will have 1 deck of cards
2. Hearts = Situps
Spades = KB Swings
Diamonds = Burpees
Clubs = Walking Lunges
3. Every number equals itself
4. Jacks = 11
Queens = 12
Kings = 13
Aces = 20
5. In teams of 2 flip a card. Split up work as necessary to complete the number of reps and movement indicated by the cards.
Rx Plus for you hard chargers who are
100% competent in these more advanced movements and want a little tougher challenge. (no scaling, all or nothing)
Hearts = TTB
Spades = KB Snatch (alternating)
Diamonds = HSPU
Clubs = DB Walking Lunges 45/35