Let’s Put an End to Buttlessness

There is an epidemic that has infiltrated our community/society.


It is a problem that, if left uncorrected, leads to:

  1. Knee Pain
  2. Lower Back Pain
  3. ITB pain


I call this problem “buttlessness.”


The more technical term is weak or inhibited gluteal muscles. Weak means they are not firing strongly. Inhibited means they are not firing at all.

If you have been at CrossFit Breaux Bridge or CrossFit St. Landry for any significant length of time, you have likely heard your trainers make reference to the “posterior chain.”

The posterior chain is primarily composed of your lower back muscles, butt muscles, and hamstrings. Unless you have been doing some type of weight training, chances are, yours is weak or inhibited. A weak posterior chain leaves us exposed to an elevated risk of back injury as well as some pretty severe performance limitations and can even affect circulation.


There are many reasons why you may be experiencing “buttlessness” but some of the main one’s are:

  1. Inactivity
  2. Sitting way too much
  3. Lack of awareness/training


Won’t squats fix this?

No!!!! Squats will actually make it much worse if you are not using the proper muscles at the proper time.


So how do I know if I have this?

One indicator is any of the above referenced pains. Another symptom of “buttlessness” is just that. You have no butt. This is a sign but not necessarily the most reliable one so below are some pictures showing some movements where “buttlessness” can be observed.

Buttless StandingButtless OHS



Above demonstrates both weak and strong gluteal activation in the standing position and at the top of the Overhead Squat while below shows the same condition as we see it at the bottom of the air squat and, one of the major offenders, at the top of the deadlift.



Buttless SquatButtless DL

Model Cred: Alexandra Robin Level 2 CF Trainer, Superstar CFBB Coach


Oh no, that’s me! What do I do?

Watch for our upcoming coaching video this week for tips and strategies to overcome this debilitating condition!


Video 1 Buttlessness at the Top of the Squat