The 12 days of Christmas was a classic as always! great work to everyone who came out and handled up on that workout!!

Today we work in intervals! Hardest part o about intervals is not the part where you are working, the hard part is how to react during your break.

We all know to push as hard as we can during the minute of work, that’s a given, but how do you recover and prepare for the next minute of work?

Calm your breathing, use a focal point. Think or look at something that helps you relax, big deep breaths in and slow out, fill your lungs up with air and force recover.

Do no lay down, this is only going to make getting back up and working even harder.

So we have push press-Dip and drive without moving the feet, one dip and then extend the knees and hips until fully locked out.

Squat hold-maintaining lumbar curve, knees out, RX is below parallel, but we have to keep the chest up. Stand in front of the wall or the rig to help if needed!

Double underhand strict pull-ups will test the biceps, feel the pump, but maintain a hollow body.

Plank hold is clinching the cheeks and not letting the belly button sag towards the floor, stay tight!

Front Squats-breath and keep getting reps, try not to have to put the bar down, a rep every 2 seconds will get you 20 reps.

We sure hope everyone has a great weekend and Merry Christmas and the best holidays!

Back to work.


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
2 Rounds

1 minute on/1 minute off rotating through each movement in your 1 minute break

-Push press 95/65

-Squat Hold

-Double Underhand Strict pull-ups

-Plank Hold on elbows

-Front Squats 95/65

***After 1 Round you have a 3 minute break but you have to run in the break.

-Run 400 meters

Round 2 starts at 12:00

**you get a rep for every 10 seconds you hold the squat and plank, so max reps for those portions is 6

**Run 400 meters in under 3 minutes after round 2 as well