Run Clinic 2.0

Completed on 9/24/2016


Presented by Josh Trahan | Level 3 Certified CrossFit Trainer, Certified CrossFit Endurance Coach

*This Clinic will also be a prerequisite for the upcoming Obstacle Course Racing program, for those interested


Where: CrossFit St. Landry

When: Saturday, September 24

Time: 8am-12pm

Available to: EVERYONE – current members see special pricing details! Registration is limited to 12 participants (The registration form will disable once all spots are filled)

Make sure you scroll down for What’s New for version 2.0!



Do you DREAD or even SKIP running workouts?

Do you have pain during or after running?

Do you enjoy running and would like to know if you can improve your skills?

Are you interested in Spartan Races, Tough Mudders, or Battle Frog competitions?

Once again, we have been receiving a lot of requests for  another Run Clinic. This makes me so excited because lighter, more efficient, pain-free running is all a matter of technique and is within your reach NO MATTER what your current skill level is. The great thing about it is that it is VERY EASY to learn!

The issue is that this has to be taught as an entire system. We have tried to teach it in parts before and have found that it just does more harm than good. You must learn the technique from start to finish and then you can begin to improve. This clinic is designed to do just that.

We will begin with a moderate warm-up and a discussion on the principles of the Pose Method.

Clinic format is a series of brief lectures, followed immediately by practice and implementation. You will be moving!

Every participant will receive a Video Analysis of their own running both before and after learning this technique.

You will leave knowing:

  • How to utilize gravity as a productive force
  • Proper foot-strike to avoid shin splints and knee pain as well as the dreaded plantar fasciitis
  • How to enjoy a lighter, easier running experience
  • Running drills and how to implement them
  • Effective warm-up techniques
  • Runner-specific mobility and self treatment
  • How efficient running is the key to obstacle course racing success


What’s New for version 2.0?

In the past our Run Clinic has consisted of the main course only. What we have learned is that many people come and have an eye-opening experience, but fail to follow up with the enough practice to make lasting changes to their form. We are fixing that.

Once you complete the Run Clinic, participants will be placed in our exclusive Facebook Running Group and given access to a 6-Week Beginner Skills and Drills program that will give you the opportunity to seal in the changes we have made to your running. This 6-Week follow up period is the deal maker to a lifetime of improved running.

There will also be an option for registering for the 3-Week follow up group that will meet on Wednesday evenings from 6-7pm at CrossFit St. Landry for the three weeks immediately following the clinic. In these three classes, we will be able to stop mistakes and reinforce sound technique as you work your way through the six weeks of drills. These drills can be useless or even harmful if sound technique is not being maintained.

Can’t make it to the classes? Register for it and you will have the option to send in up to 3 videos of your running to be analyzed and critiqued in lieu of class attendance.



Clinic Only – $60

Guided Skills and Drills Classes (3) – $60

Clinic + Classes Members Only Rate – $99


For those of you who have already completed one of our Run Clinics:

Clinic Only – $40

Guided Skills and Drills Classes (3) – $60

Clinic + Classes Members Only Rate – $79



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Toes to Bar Clinic

Completed on 6/25/2016



Are you tired of doing one rep at a time of Toes-to-Bar during the WODs? Do you wish there was something other than knee raises that you could do to get those toes closer to touching? Can you do more than one TTB rep at a time but would like to become more efficient to knock out bigger sets? You’re in luck!

In this movement clinic, we teach progressions that will help to strengthen your midline, drills to help improve your core stamina, and individual videos to analyze your positions and make corrections to your movement.