Pumpkin Spice Isn’t Always Nice


Do you have your costume ready for this Saturday? Well Do YA? Remember this Saturday is Night of the Living Deadlift. Bring some Nonperishable food items, your Halloween spirit, your best costume, and some PR potion.
Not knowing the WOD all day is probably nerve wrecking to have the thought of what it could be. But you came you did it you killed it. That is what CrossFit does to us, it gets us ready for the unknown, not knowing what the day will throw at us and being able to do it without having the doubt in our heads if we can do something or not.
Clean pulls are a good way to help us nailing down the important parts of the clean. The pull from the floor to your knees in a clean is the same as the deadlift, but once it passes your knees is when it really starts to differ. At mid- to upper-thigh, your shoulders should be at least slightly in front of the bar. Accelerate the bar aggressively with violent leg and hip extension, keeping the bar close to the body and allowing it to contact at the upper thighs. The movement should be directed vertically with a focus on extending the body upward, although to maintain balance, it will be leaned back slightly. The arms are not engaged in the movement (those of us that have that early arm bend), but remain relaxed in extension. The shoulders should be shrugged up somewhat after the completion of leg and hip extension to continue the bar’s upward path and allow it to stay against the body.
If you don’t come today because you think this “isn’t much of a workout” then that is why you probably struggle with cleans in a workout. Days like toady is what will help you get stronger and hit new PR’s as well as help your coaches correct the parts of your movement so you can get that new PR.
3 Rds NFT
10 Hip Extensions
20 Sec Banded Samson Stretch ~each leg (green band)
10 Banded Leg Curls (red band)
Pumpkin Spice Isn’t Always Nice
EMOM For 16 min
Odd 1 Clean Pull*
Even 1 Power Clean 80% of 1 rep max
* The clean pulls are going to be heavier than the power cleans.
Score is just what you did for the power clean.
Put what you did for the clean pull in the comments.