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Make a goal!
Every workout we make for you guys there is always an opportunity to get better you know that already, but if you aren’t recognizing how you are getting better every time how will you know?
Making a goal for every workout is a great way to keep a daily measure on your successes, it can be as big as PR’ing your front squat or something equally as big as doing all 15 KB swings with the 26 pound KB unbroken today.
Your coaches can help you with these types of things inside of a workout, but look at each piece of all the workouts we do and plan out how you’re going to attack it.
Make a note today in your comments on Wodify what you’re goal was for the workout and if you achieved it!
Keep the intensity, but move well! Always move well.
Out of all the athletes that competed this weekend I can honestly say all of your coaches and athletes moved the best this weekend, fluid, smooth, intense, strong, great athletes.
Ali, Morgan, Coach Alex, Coach Josh and Coach Jordy represented well!
Back to work.
Power Clean (3-3-3 Across 80% )
**15 minutes
**Do singles for these but a set of three means you’re getting back on the bar within 5 seconds
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
15 minute AMRAP
-15 KB Swings 53/35
-5 Alternating Lunges with KB locked out OH on Right Arm
-5 Alternating Lunges with KB locked out OH on Left Arm
-20 Hops over a barbell off the ground with big weights
**The KB can get OH any way but has to be locked out
**May use Power Clean bar from cleans for the hops
**Hops must be two feet if needed to scale take the weight off the bar and use small weights and if needed to scale from there put bar on the ground