After yesterday’s WOD our legs are probably sore. Wether you have been coming to the gym for a while or just a couple of weeks, the amount of reps and load can still cause a great amount of soreness. That soreness that you fill is called delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). DOMS is created when the muscles are in the eccentric  (lengthening) of the movement under load, causing microtrauma to the muscle fibers.  A few things that can help subside the feelings of soreness is staying hydrated which can help keep the body flushed of toxins from the muscle breakdown as well as eating foods that are high in antioxidants (berries). Getting back to the gym the next day is another way to help alleviate DOMS, breaking up the the muscles in the affected area.

On the floor press we are laying flat on our back keeping our head, shoulders, and feet flat on the floor. The arms will come straight down where the elbows are directly by our sides. When lowering the arm don’t let the elbows crash into the floor, control on the descend and explode pushing the weight up.

Turkish get-ups require core stability as well as some flexibility.  Keep your eyes on the weight the entire movement and staying tight in the midsection.

When we start to climb up the wall on the wall walks, don’t let the hips sag. The wall walks are a great opportunity to stay engaged in the core while we are moving. If we notice that our lower back gets tight while doing these, squeezing the glutes will help keep the pressure off the lower back.


Metcon (Time)
1k  Row Buy-in

10 DB Floor Presses 45/25
6 Alternating Turkish get-ups 45/25
2 Wall Walks

1k Row Buy-out