Our next Bring-A-Friend Day will be Thursday, June 30!
A little check in with of our athletes currently on our Nutrition Program, Taylor Boudreaux.
When I decided to join this nutrition challenge, the first thought that came to mind was “oh man, I’m going to cheat when we are on vacation.” I’m not very good about self control when it comes to being on vacation. I mean I deserve a break right?
Well that’s the mentality I’ve had my entire life and look the results it’s gotten me.
I’ve honestly been dreading vacation. My family doesn’t understand what I’m trying to do. They think I can just eat whatever I want, as long as it’s in moderation. Plus they enjoy drinking. I’ve really been worried about how this week was going to pan out. I knew I wanted to stay true to the challenge but I wanted to enjoy a week on the beach.
Mrs Bambi and I talked and she challenged me to go all week without cheating, prove to myself that I’m worth it. I made a plan and I’ve stuck to it.
I decided I would make spaghetti squash bake since that’s simple and I could eat it for the week. I went grocery shopping on Saturday night when I got here so I would have plenty of snacking options. I made breakfast every morning, went to a crossfit box 2 days, and stayed moving while on the beach. I kept halo oranges, sunflower kernels, cucumbers, and sliced turkey breast readily available for me. I did eat drive thru after a 7 hour fishing trip. (I didn’t pack my food like I should have).
Overall this week, I learned I was able to enjoy the beach with my family, eat according to my goals and invest in myself. I didn’t miss out. I didn’t have a hangover and no one was offended that I didn’t eat their cooking. They actually embraced and respected my journey. I also learned self control, because after all, no one can do it for me. This is my journey.
Back Squat
15 Minutes to find
1 RM
Rod Stewart (Time)
For time:
75 pull-ups
Row 500 meters
75 push-ups
Row 500 meters
50 pull-ups
Row 500 meters
50 push-ups
Row 500 meters
25 pull-ups
Row 500 meters
25 push-ups
Row 500 meters
*if you are “deconditioned” scale this workout by either reducing reps or sharing the reps portion with a partner!
**if you cannot perform pullups consecutively, that needs to be your aim