You will start to notice over the next coming weeks that we will be implementing different ways for you guys to practice your pistols.

Progression after progressions we will constantly switch it up so it’s not just the same old pistol to a box everytime, or hanging onto the rig everytime.

If you already have pistols. I’ll make them harder for you. My sleeves are full of tricks. 🙂

For the workout, choose a weight that you can do the first round of Deadlifts unbroken with, the name of the game is intensity, it is everyday most of the time.

Time yourself on your first round, notice the time you finish the pull-ups and even make a note on a whiteboard if you need to.

Rounds should be within 20 seconds of each other, most likely getting slower as we go but give everything you got in that last round. We want to stay consistent all the way through and not fall off in the infamously painful third round.

Step up in the third round! Thats when you feel it most and you’re thinking “Aw damn another round after this”

Don’t do that to yourself. Stay focused on the task at hand, meaning the movement your on, and focus on finishing the round in good time.

Then hammer the 4th round.

Back to work.

For Quality

40 Candlestick to Pistols


Metcon (Time)
4 Rounds for time

20 Deadlifts 185/115
400 meter run
15 Pullups

Masters/Teens 155/95
RX+ 225/155 AND chest to bar

**If you do RX+ it’s all or nothing, have to do chest to bar if you do the weight.