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If you’re anything like me while you run, your always wondering, “Am i running correctly?”

In CrossFit we are always trying to be as efficient as possible while completing the full standard of the movement or task at hand. In this case, while running the question i’m asking myself “Am i being as efficient as possible?”

As hard as it is to learn on the fly, especially while breathing hard, some quick tips you can try to apply to your workout today.

1.) Land your foot underneath your body while running.

-more of a mid foot strike to the ground will put less stress and demand on your legs. There’s nothing wrong with a slight heel strike but if you’re focus is foot underneath my body, you’ll be less likely to lead with the heel so much.

2.) Increase your cadence.

-try to pick up the pace slightly and without over striding or leaning forward too much just take more steps in your normal 200 meter run and try to hold that pace the whole time, remember you get a break in between. “Work for the break”

3.) Pick up your feet.

-try to keep your feet on the ground as little as possible, while this goes along with increasing your cadence, running is falling and then catching yourself, slightly lean forward and “catch yourself” by landing your feet underneath your body and keep those feet coming up off the ground.

Work off the long weekend and the holiday food with a good run to get it out of your system and start the week feeling refreshed.

Back to work.


Metcon (Time)
For time:
Run 400 meters
Rest 1 minute
Run 800 meters
Rest 2 minutes
Run 1,200 meters
Rest 3 minutes
Run 1,600 meters