One of the secrets to improving pull-up performance is to practice different variations and to practice them frequently. Weighted pull-ups are one of those variations. While not everyone’s pulling capacity will allow for adding weight, today will still be a great opportunity for developing strength through its full range of motion.

Apart from helping you do bigger sets of pull-ups in a high-intensity WOD — which these heavy sets are sure to do —  there’s no better exercise for developing your lats (those big “wing” muscles right beneath your armpits that wrap around your mid-back) than the pull-up. Why is it important to build your lats? Because they play an important role in spinal stabilization, and strengthening them can lead to higher numbers in all of your major lifts (squat, deadlift, presses, clean, snatch… you name it!) I don’t know about you guys but I’m always eager to make lifting gains!

Check out this old school video of some of the OGs in the CrossFit world performing different variations of weighted pull-ups:

We’ll cap the day off with a max effort 1000m row. This should be a sprint. Your body will use an anaerobic “engine” for a large portion of this rowing effort, which means that you’ll be burning calories and improving your lean body mass for hours after you are done. Give it your all for a short period of time and the benefits will be long-lasting.

Remember… you can do hard things. And you can do them fast.


Weighted Pull-ups (3-3-3-3-3)
Work up to a max effort triple
1000m Row (Time)
Max Effort 1000m Row