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When I was in high school, I had a buddy that spent a lot of money on souping up his car. I didn’t understand it.
It was a late 90’s Pontiac of some sort. The 4 door. Grand Prix or Grand Am? Some of you know which is which I bet.
He would always tell me what he had done to it. Turbo intake, super charging, max velocity, such and such. The cockpit was laced with obvious “non-Pontiac” gadgetry and
It wasn’t much to look at.
Then one day he took me around the block………
We hit 160 on the on ramp, and we did a 90° Turn at about 60mph.
It occurred to me at that point that I had no understanding of what “performance” was up to that point.
The 2016 CrossFit Games just finished. Performance was on display all weekend. It was incredible to watch. And honestly, some of the things those human beings are capable of accomplishing would be considered humanly impossible were it not for having just watched a human do it.
But watching it, or hearing about it, does no justice to experiencing your own potential.
CrossFit is about souping yourself up. Its about applying upgrades, tweaks, and changes to the vehicle that is your soul’s taxi. To enable you to BE in a way that is unavailable to those who think that this self-maintenance lifestyle is anything other than mandatory.
Every acquired skill and ability is an upgrade opening doors to activities previously off limits to you.
F$&k “off limits”
Get souped up.
Spend 5-10 minutes with the good ole barbell trap smash and first rib opener, followed by some legit overhead prep.
Skrt Skrt
EMOM For 20min
1 (Squat Clean + Jerk + Back Squat + Behind the Neck Jerk + Overhead Squat)
*score is total weight of all succesfully completed complexes.
**must bedone all in one or started over.
***unsuccesfully completed rounds or skipped rounds equal 0.