Ok guys, here is a test WoD as it is a redo from April 20th of this year. I am keeping the write up as it was because it was a good one. Check your scores and set a mini-goal. On Thursday we will talk about the dramatic impact that mini goals can have on our performance and in our lives.
The Fartlek is a system of training for distance runners in which the terrain and pace are continually varied to eliminate boredom and enhance psychological aspects of conditioning.
Well we prefer our cardio with a little bit of cayenne.
Hence the Snatch Fartlek. Today we are training the ability to maintain form and technique at changing loads and heart rates.
We fail when we face challenges outside of our experience. This is why the CFBB/CFSL program is so comprehensive. Use this one for the development of the protective lower back muscles and that desirable neuroendocrine response that elevates natural chemicals like human growth hormone which is one our our bodies most potent fat burning and muscle building substances.
3 Rounds
10 Pullups with 3 second lower (partner assist if needed) *kip up then lower down
10 Sec partner assisted T Spine Stretch
15-30 Tuck Sit-Ups (knees to chest heels to butt, stretch hands forward, lay back until heels almost lift, then squeeze back forward)
Snatch Fartlek (AMRAP – Reps)
For Points:
3 minute Snatch 95/65
3 minute Snatch 135/95
3 Minute Snacth 95/65
3 Minute Snatch 135/95
3 Minute Snatch 185/115
*95/65 = 1 point
*135/95 = 2 points
*185/115 = 3 points