The Bottle Rocket


The Rx designation in CrossFit is a pretty big deal. Making it to that level at least in the majority of the workouts should be one of your primary goals. This is accomplished one movement at a time.

Your trainers are experts in scaling and modifying movements. These scales and modifications are not intended as permanent alternates to Rx movement. They are intended and specifically selected for there ability to progress you to Rx movements. You should not have the mindset that you just have to do ring rows instead of pull-ups because you can’t do pull-ups. You are supposed to be doing ring rows SO THAT you can do pull-ups.

At CFBB/CFSL our goal is to make Rx athletes because this is where the full impact of the CrossFit program lives. When we have gotten you to that level, you have achieved something pretty amazing.

There is something you can and must Rx in every workout however.

You must Rx your effort.

Rx’d effort will not look the same for everyone on the whiteboard but it feels the same for everyone who does it. Rx’d effort is 100%.

When you start Rxing your efforts, you’ll be amazed how quickly you start Rxing your WoD’s.





28 October 2015

“The Bottle Rocket”

5 Rounds for time

25 Plate Overhead Lunges 45/25
25 Pushups