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Congrats on some nice bench press PR’s yesterday!!!
Alright boys and girls, 2016 CFBB Summer League Week 2. We will do this one in 2 parts. Summer Leaguers wll go first with you guys cheering them on to victory. After all, they are competing to represent the ENTIRE box in the MegaWoD finale!! After they are done, if you are not in Summer League, hit this one solo.
Pay attention as the solo wod has an additional piece.
Here are the Summer League rules:
On a running clock to 12 minutes:
Establish 3RM Sumo Deadlift (0-8min)
Max effort Toes to Bar (8-12min)
For Sumo Deadlift:
– Feet must remain outside of the hands and hands must remain inside of the width of the hips
– Partners must use the same bar
– Bar must be lowered to the ground at the completion of each 3-rep set
– Reps do not have to be Touch-N-Go but hands must not leave the bar during the 3-rep set
For Toes-to-Bar:
– One partner works at a time. Partners must tag-out from behind starting line that is positioned 5ft from their spot on the rig
– Total TTB reps in 4 minutes will be added to Total SDL weight for Final Score
SDL portion (Weight)
8 minutes to find 3 rep max Sumo Deadlift
TTB Portion (AMRAP – Reps)
4 minutes to find max TTB
Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
2 minutes to acquire max reps conventional DL with 3 rep sumo weight