The Pirate Escape


Darth Nader

23 September 2015

“The Pirate Escape”

In order to achieve CrossFit’s claim to elite, you have to participate in all forms of CrossFit workouts.

This sometimes means long, sometimes short, sometimes light, sometimes heavy, sometimes lightning fast, sometimes gruelingly slow.

But all of these things added together produces a fitness that is unrivaled by any other program or methodology.

Today sucks. But it is an absolute essential to achieving well rounded fitness.

The way it will work is our veterans and strongest rowers will go first and set the bar while you newer guys get some in depth rowing coaching using the vets as examples. Then the newer guys and girls will take a stab.

Due to various constraints there will be little time for warming up. That’s ok with this particular workout.

My recommendation is that you all row a medium intensity 150m, then a 1min break followed by a fast paced 200m. Then step off the rower, loosen up, and prepare yourself to get after it.

There will be 2 options. A 3k and a 5k. If you hit 3k and your coach legitimately feels like you got the intended stimulus or have slowed considerably from the pace you began at, stop here.

If you are on a good pace and feeling strong continue to 5k.