The Power Curve

2 more days baby! So excited to have such a large percentage of our people involved this year!!
Remember Heidi’s Noon Class at CFBB. If the attendance stays up like Monday’s, we will make it 5 days a week.
What to expect Friday at CFBB:
Regular hours. We will post a warm up for everyone to do as they come in. We will be running WoD after WoD as people show up and get ready. WE WILL COACH prior to each WoD as well as offer some efficiency and strategy tips. Its hard to plan too much until we know what it’s going to be. Come in and get warm and we will get you guys through and judged as efficiently as possible.
WE NEED JUDGES. Please click on this link and take the Judges course if you can help out. This will also help you tremendously.
24 February 2016
WOD, “The Power Curve”
For Reps
EMOM for 30 minutes
:20 sec work
:40 sec rest
Deadlifts 225/155
Box Jumps 24/20
Wall Balls 20/14
Push a good pace. You should not fall off in reps. Work on moving extra efficiently. This means keeping the bar close, staying upright on box jumps and landing above the squat, staying smooth on HSPU kips and wall balls, and a steady pace of the GHDs.
For today scale GHD’s with flutter kicks, hands under your butt. A four count equals 1 rep so count 1,2,3,1 1,2,3,2 1,2,3,3 1,2,3,4 1,2,3,5 and so on.
Don’t run out after the Workout.
Take 8 minutes to roll and stretch hammies, quads, calves, lower and upper back.