The Rebellion


All personal growth is preceded by self acceptance. Step 1 of any worthwhile program is coming to grips with where you currently are. It doesn’t matter where that is, just that you know where it is.

You can start this process right now, very simply. In CF we have 3 modal domains.

1. Gymnastics
-bodyweight exercises (pushups, pull-ups, TTB, muscle-ups, box jumps, burpees)

2. Weightlifting
-external object exercises (all the barbell, med ball, dumbbell, kettle bell exercises)

3. Monostructural
-cardio/engine exercises (rowing, running, double unders, swimming)

Rank these now in order of your strongest to weakest, then begin really focusing your efforts on your weaknesses.


If weightlifting is your weakness, you need to get your technique to acceptable ASAP, and then you need to stop putting the same weight on the bar every workout. Add some 2.5’s or something but make it more difficult.

If gymnastics is your weakness, use fewer bands. Step further under the ring rows, use a lower box. Challenge the movement every time it comes up again. You shouldn’t be doing exactly what you were doing a month ago. Also, consider if you should make efforts to reduce your body fat. 20 lbs make a drastic difference in gymnastics. But even 5 lbs can cause limitations.

If its monostructural, there are 4 main limiters. They will effect the above as well, but its mostly noticeable here.
1. Nutrition (paleo)
2. Sleep (8-9 undisturbed hours)
3. Bodyfat (get that weight vest off)
4. Mental Toughness (think like Rocky)

The correct answer to that voice in your head telling you to walk or slow down is….”Not today.”


26 October 2015

“The Rebellion”

For Time:

Clean & Jerk 135/95
Back Squat 135/95